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Man stands at a podium with a Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum sign in front
Toby Talbot / Associated Press File

Burton Snowboards Founder Jake Burton Carpenter Dies At 65

Jake Burton Carpenter, who popularized the sport of snowboarding and founded the Burlington-based Burton Snowboards, has died at age 65.

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Impeachment Inquiry

Impeachment Hearings Wrap As Fiona Hill Slams GOP's 'Fictional' Ukraine Account

Updated at 4:40 p.m. ET Fiona Hill, who served as the top Russia expert on the National Security Council before resigning last summer, criticized Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee for advancing theories that Ukraine, and not Russia, interfered with the 2016 presidential election. Testifying on the third and final day of impeachment hearings before the panel this week, Hill said, "I would ask that you please not promote politically driven falsehoods that so clearly advance...

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Brave Little State

A woman stands with her hand on a tower of filing cabinets.
Emily Corwin / VPR

Will Burlington's Champlain Parkway Ever Get Built?

When Norwich resident Max Porter drives to Burlington to visit his mom, he gets off Interstate 89 and onto Interstate 189, a tiny spur of highway that ends at a crossroad, and cement barriers.

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Podiums lined up for a Democratic Debate in Atlanta
John Amis / Associated Press

On Wednesday night, 10 Democratic candidates for president took the stage in Atlanta amid an impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump and a shifting field. Hosted by MSNBC and The Washington Post, these 10 candidates debated at Atlanta's Tyler Perry Studios.

Vermont Edition analyzes Wednesday's presidential primary debate with a roundtable of reporters.

The Grammy Awards' category for new artists has always been the Hufflepuff house of the event, a mishmash of eccentrics, high achievers and hard-working young music industry favorites. (Notorious category winners Milli Vanilli did work hard, just not at singing.) Rarely has the field clearly pointed toward an exciting new musical era. But this year, that's exactly what it suggests.


Wednesday's Democratic presidential debate in Atlanta took place in the middle of a flurry of impeachment hearings and less than three months away from the first primary votes.

Lawmakers heard testimony Tuesday on a pair of bills that could result in the revamping of the state’s flag and seal. It’s one of several bills supported by indigenous people up before a legislative committee.

Critics say the state’s flag and seal are symbols of white supremacy.

One year ago this week, the first adult-use marijuana stores opened in Massachusetts. One of the state’s goals was to move cannabis off the black market. But illegal sales haven’t stopped — and licensed stores  are having a tough time getting enough marijuana to meet demand.

Updated at 7:08 p.m. ET

Gordon Sondland, the U.S. ambassador to the European Union, tied President Trump directly to conditioning a meeting with the Ukrainian president with "a public statement from President Zelenskiy committing to investigations of Burisma and the 2016 election."

A high brown river under blue cloudy sky.
Jane Lindholm / VPR

The state of Vermont is asking the federal government to assess whether damage from an Oct. 31 storm qualifies homeowners for aid from the Federal Emergency Management Agency's individual assistance program.

A white barn with a green roof and the words 'The Chronicle' painted on it.
Erica Heilman / VPR

The Barton Chronicle is a weekly community newspaper founded in 1974 by Chris and Ellen Braithwaite. It covers all the towns of Orleans County, and a little bit of Essex County. In 2014, the Braithwaites sold the paper to several longtime employees who have kept the paper independent. Erica Heilman talked with them about what it means to put out a weekly, community newspaper.  

A bloom of cyanobacteria, commonly known as blue-green algae, inundates the shore of Lake Champlain in this undated photo.
Elodie Reed / VPR File

Almost two years ago, Gov. Phil Scott announced the Vermont Phosphorus Innovation Challenge (VPIC), describing it as "an X-Prize style competition" to find creative solutions to curbing the phosphorus problem in Vermont. Last week, the state announced that it will be handing over a total of more than a million dollars to five different projects in phase three of the project.

Updated at 8:40 p.m ET

Two witnesses called by Republicans in the House impeachment inquiry testified Tuesday, indicating they had reservations over the content of President Trump's July 25th phone call with the president of Ukraine, and his desire to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden.


'This Land': A VPR & Vermont PBS Collaboration

A man stands in a field wearing a red shirt
John Dillon / VPR

Surveyed Vermonters See Dairy As Key To State's Identity, But Farmers Say It's A Struggle

More than 90% of those surveyed in the new VPR-Vermont PBS Rural Life Survey said the dairy industry is "somewhat important" or "very important" to Vermont, yet this treasured way of life is in serious trouble.

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Eye On The Sky

VPR Blog

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Aaron Shrewsbury / For VPR

VPR's 'Brave Little State' Expands To Answer More Listener Questions About Vermont

VPR's award-winning show Brave Little State is expanding in order to answer more audience questions about Vermont.

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But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids

Jane Lindholm interviews meteorologist Tom Messner in front of the green wall, where weather maps and images are digitally projected during a broadcast.
Jane Lindholm / VPR

How Do Meteorologists Predict The Weather?

How do weather people predict the weather and know what's going to happen tomorrow? Why is a meteorologist called a meteorologist? We learn about weather forecasting with National Weather Service Meteorologist Jessica Neiles and NBC5 Chief Meteorologist Tom Messner.

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A Beginner's Guide To Podcasts

A Beginner's Guide To Podcasts

Not sure how the whole podcasting thing works? We're here to help.