Snow on trees in Wolcott, Vermont.
Amy Kolb Noyes / VPR

Snow, Ice And Cold: A Winter Storm Is Coming, But Its Impact May Vary Around Vermont

Up to a foot of snow could fall overnight, especially in northwestern Vermont, according to the National Weather Service . Winter storm warnings and advisories are in effect across the listening area, but the impact of the storm could vary a lot depending on where in the region you are.

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Brave Little State

A woman stands in the center of children on a blue rug.
Elodie Reed / VPR

Why Are Child Care Professionals Paid So Poorly In Vermont?

The smell of fish sticks, crayons, and the sweet-yet-slightly-grubby smell of small children. If you’re a parent, you know what we’re talking about. If you’re not? Welcome to child care.

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There's new evidence that mind-body interventions can help reduce pain in people who have been taking prescription opioids — and lead to reductions in the drug's dose.

In a study published this month in JAMA Internal Medicine, researchers reviewed evidence from 60 studies that included about 6,400 participants. They evaluated a range of strategies, including meditation, guided imagery, hypnosis and cognitive behavioral therapy.

The golden dome of the Vermont Statehouse against blue sky
Ric Cengeri / VPR File

Democratic House Speaker Mitzi Johnson says the passage of a mandatory paid family leave bill will be a top priority in Vermont's 2020 legislative session, but Republican Gov. Phil Scott opposes the Democrats' approach to this issue.

A person at a keyboard while another person nearby holds a baby.
Lund Residential Program, Courtesy

"I've made mistakes / I know it's true / but you're so strong, so reach the sky."

You haven't these lyrics before, but one new baby will — maybe each and every night, right before bathtime or bedtime or at 2 a.m., when the world seems scariest. It will be their song.

It was written by a new parent with help from local musicians and groups for something called The Lullaby Project, from Carnegie Hall's Weill Institute of Music.

Sen. Patrick Leahy walks with reporters around him.
Patrick Semansky / Associated Press

Earlier this week, the U.S. Senate Committee on the Judiciary held a hearing on the USA Freedom Act, a bipartisan law passed in 2015 that will sunset at the end of this year if Congress does not renew it. Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy, a Democrat and the senior member of the committee, is a co-sponsor on the 2019 version of the act along with conservative Republican Utah Sen. Mike Lee.

A woman cries while a man holds his glasses as hands with cameras cram in.
Elodie Reed / VPR

Vermont Attorney General TJ Donovan has declined to file charges against a Burlington police officer who got in an altercation with a man who later died.

Vice President Pence traveled to New Hampshire on Thursday to officially add Donald Trump's name to the first-in-the-nation primary ballot.

His visit comes as President Trump's GOP challengers see the primary as a place where they'll make a stand against Trump, especially as other states have canceled primaries and changed Republican National Committee convention delegate rules to prevent any sort of insurgent candidate from emerging.

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Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is weighing a late entrance into the Democratic presidential primary, reversing course from this spring, when he said publicly that he would not run.

A man stands in his apartment near books
Howard Weiss-Tisman / VPR

The Putney School's library has a special collection of hundreds of books by black writers and about race, thanks to an endowment started by alumnus Claude Winfield. Now that the school has joined a network of Vermont libraries, that collection is available beyond the school community.

Progressive/Democratic Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman speaks at a podium at the Democrats' Election Night event at the Hilton in Burlington.
Angela Evancie / VPR File

When Vermont's last legislative session ended, Progressive Lt. Gov. David Zuckerman said he was disappointed Democrats didn't pass a paid family leave plan or increase the minimum wage, failing to deliver what he says "voters asked for in the 2018 election." The lieutenant governor joins Vermont Edition to discuss Progressive priorities at the Statehouse in 2020. 

A woman stands in a doorway framed by colorful wood panels. A white dog stands nearby.
Elodie Reed / VPR

At Lisa Carton's tiny house nestled in the hills of Bennington, there are a whole lot of rainbows. Wood panels painted purple, green, orange, yellow and blue frame Carton's front door. Inside, the main room is cushioned by a multi-hued, kaleidoscopic rug. Out the back door is a shed where, until a recent storm blew it down, a Pride flag flew.


'This Land': A VPR & Vermont PBS Collaboration

A man stands in a field wearing a red shirt
John Dillon / VPR

Surveyed Vermonters See Dairy As Key To State's Identity, But Farmers Say It's A Struggle

More than 90% of those surveyed in the new VPR-Vermont PBS Rural Life Survey said the dairy industry is "somewhat important" or "very important" to Vermont, yet this treasured way of life is in serious trouble.

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Event: News & Brews — Southern Vermont Spotlight

Join VPR reporters in Brattleboro on November 19 for an evenings of drinks and discussion about the issues that matter to your community.

Eye On The Sky

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This fall, VPR and Vermont PBS are collaborating to present This Land: The Changing Story of Rural Vermont. The project explores the realities and rewards of living in rural Vermont through a statewide poll, news and analysis, a storytelling event and oth
Illustration: Kyle Blair / Vermont PBS

VPR And Vermont PBS Team Up For This Land: The Changing Story Of Rural Vermont

Our state's rural communities are critical to its identity, but will the next generation of Vermonters be able to live, work and thrive here? This fall, VPR and Vermont PBS are collaborating to present This Land: The Changing Story of Rural Vermont . The project explores the realities and rewards of living in rural Vermont through a statewide poll, news and analysis, a storytelling event and other special programming.

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But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids

Jane Lindholm interviews meteorologist Tom Messner in front of the green wall, where weather maps and images are digitally projected during a broadcast.
Jane Lindholm / VPR

How Do Meteorologists Predict The Weather?

How do weather people predict the weather and know what's going to happen tomorrow? Why is a meteorologist called a meteorologist? We learn about weather forecasting with National Weather Service Meteorologist Jessica Neiles and NBC5 Chief Meteorologist Tom Messner.

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A Beginner's Guide To Podcasts

A Beginner's Guide To Podcasts

Not sure how the whole podcasting thing works? We're here to help.