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A woman stands with her hand on a tower of filing cabinets.
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Will Burlington's Champlain Parkway Ever Get Built?

When Norwich resident Max Porter drives to Burlington to visit his mom, he gets off Interstate 89 and onto Interstate 189, a tiny spur of highway that ends at a crossroad, and cement barriers.

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Person holds a dry-erase board that says Where Are you From? No I mean before that. No I men where were you born? No I mean where are your parents from? #IamVermontToo

'Our Way Of Being Seen And Being Heard': Exhibit Highlights Lives Of Vermonters Of Color

An exhibition of photographs currently on display at the Bennington Museum explores the experiences people of color have in their day-to-day lives in Vermont.

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The front of a hospital.
Brattleboro Memorial Hospital, Courtesy

More than 100 rural hospitals have closed across the country in the past 10 years. In an effort to prevent that in Vermont, the state legislature has set up a task force, and its initial findings show hospitals here face a crushing shortage of doctors and nurses.

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The former U.S. ambassador to Ukraine told Congress on Friday she was recalled after a smear campaign led by President Trump's allies — and Trump criticized her on Twitter even as she testified live on television.

Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch appeared at Democrats' second open impeachment hearing to discuss her career and the circumstances under which her posting to Kyiv was prematurely halted earlier this year.

Gov. Phil Scott, ANR Secretary Julie Moore, and other state officials at a press conference.
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The state is spending more than $1 million to jumpstart technologies aimed at removing phosphorus from the environment. The money will go to five projects, selected as part of the state's "phosphorus innovation challenge," designed to capture the pollutant and make it into a marketable product.

A sign post on the campus of UVM in Burlington.
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The University of Vermont plans to freeze tuition rates next year. The college says the last time it did this was more than 40 years ago.

A college student sits in front of a window
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A month ago, Champlain College sophomore Peter Kuli was in his dorm room, messing around with a friend's rap song about baby boomer attitudes. He uploaded the remix online, and in the weeks since the song – and its "OK boomer" catchphrase – have gone viral. 

Ten Democratic candidates will debate next week in the fifth primary face-off, which has increasing importance, with presidential hopefuls set to face voters in fewer than three months.

When it comes to global health, the world has made remarkable strides over the past two decades. There has been unprecedented progress vaccinating kids, treating diseases and lifting millions out of poverty. The childhood death rate has been slashed in half since 2000. Adults are living an average 5 1/2 years longer.

A ski lift at Sugarbush during the fall
Henry Epp / VPR File

Another Vermont ski resort is set to be acquired by a large ski conglomerate: Sugarbush Resort in Warren will be bought by Alterra Mountain Company, the companies announced Wednesday. Alterra already owns Stratton Mountain Resort in Vermont.

Two photos side by side, on the left, dug up sidewalks and utility poles, while on the right, new sidewalks and no above-ground wires or poles.
Nina Keck / VPR

After more than four years of near constant construction on three separate projects, officials in Brandon say the snarled traffic that caused headaches for local residents, businesses and anyone trying to drive through is over, and the town is ready to show off its makeover.

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VPR is airing live coverage of the public impeachment hearings on Capitol Hill this week. We want to know what you're seeing, and what you're thinking about this political moment.


'This Land': A VPR & Vermont PBS Collaboration

A man stands in a field wearing a red shirt
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Surveyed Vermonters See Dairy As Key To State's Identity, But Farmers Say It's A Struggle

More than 90% of those surveyed in the new VPR-Vermont PBS Rural Life Survey said the dairy industry is "somewhat important" or "very important" to Vermont, yet this treasured way of life is in serious trouble.

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Event: News & Brews — Southern Vermont Spotlight

Join VPR reporters in Brattleboro on November 19 for an evenings of drinks and discussion about the issues that matter to your community.

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This fall, VPR and Vermont PBS are collaborating to present This Land: The Changing Story of Rural Vermont. The project explores the realities and rewards of living in rural Vermont through a statewide poll, news and analysis, a storytelling event and oth
Illustration: Kyle Blair / Vermont PBS

VPR And Vermont PBS Team Up For This Land: The Changing Story Of Rural Vermont

Our state's rural communities are critical to its identity, but will the next generation of Vermonters be able to live, work and thrive here? This fall, VPR and Vermont PBS are collaborating to present This Land: The Changing Story of Rural Vermont . The project explores the realities and rewards of living in rural Vermont through a statewide poll, news and analysis, a storytelling event and other special programming.

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But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids

Jane Lindholm interviews meteorologist Tom Messner in front of the green wall, where weather maps and images are digitally projected during a broadcast.
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How Do Meteorologists Predict The Weather?

How do weather people predict the weather and know what's going to happen tomorrow? Why is a meteorologist called a meteorologist? We learn about weather forecasting with National Weather Service Meteorologist Jessica Neiles and NBC5 Chief Meteorologist Tom Messner.

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A Beginner's Guide To Podcasts

A Beginner's Guide To Podcasts

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