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Two parents and three children in a field. The women are wearing long dresses and white head coverings.
Elodie Reed / VPR

How Bennington's Insular Mennonite Community Weathered Pandemic Isolation

Just south of where Shaftsbury gives way to Bennington, a low, wood-paneled building sits along a gentle curve on Route 7A. Out front is the sign that says Market Wagon, painted with a picture of an old-fashioned cart and the motto, “Food for the Multitude.”

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Election 2020

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As coronavirus cases continue to spike and working from home seems permanent, many Americans are planning to set off to live in new places.

For months now, election officials have cautioned that the winner of the presidential election may still be unknown when election night is over.

Rules in some states don't allow election workers to begin the labor-intensive work of processing mail-in ballots until Election Day. And with a record number of voters casting their ballots by mail, the influx could delay final tallies for days.

People in skeleton suits on a street
River Willman, Courtesy

Though the city of Rutland had to hold off on its annual Halloween Parade due to the pandemic, the lore lives on. Former Rutland Herald reporter Nick Marro joined VPR to talk about his former colleague and parade founder Tom Fagan.

Gubernatorial candidate Charly Dickerson
Charly Dickerson, courtesy

Charly Dickerson is a retired public administrator and a longtime resident of Montpelier, who is running as an independent candidate for governor.

Ralph Corbo wears sunglasses and holds of a peace sign with his fingers
Screenshot / Vermont PBS

Ralph Corbo is a candidate for lieutenant governor from Wallingford. His name appears on the ballot with the party affiliation “Banish The F-35s.” In the past, he’s worked as a U.S. postal service employee.

a man in a selfie
Michael Devost, Courtesy

Michael Devost is a Newport City-based independent candidate for governor. He works as a housekeeper, and is concerned that the Scott Administration has overstated the dangers of COVID-19.

The Bennington Banner, Courtesy

Kevin Hoyt is a conservative gun rights activist running for governor as an independent candidate in the 2020 general election. He has been a vocal critic of Gov. Phil Scott's efforts to slow the spread of COVID-19 by shutting down sectors of Vermont's economy.

A woman smiling
Emily Peyton, Courtesy

Emily Peyton is running for governor as a candidate with the “Truth Matters” party. She believes in the right of citizens to decline vaccines and disputes the Vermont Department of Health’s assertion that 58 people have died of COVID-19 in Vermont since March.


The final NPR Electoral College map analysis shows Democrat Joe Biden going into Election Day with the clear edge, while President Trump has a narrow but not impossible path through the states key to winning the presidency.

Three civil rights groups filed a federal class-action lawsuit Thursday challenging the Trump administration's recent crackdown on diversity training.


Live Coverage: Coronavirus In Vermont

Daily updates from the VPR newsroom on the coronavirus pandemic

Brave Little State

Two people in masks stand outside a yellow house
Peter Hirschfeld / VPR

Is Vermont Really Having A COVID Boom?

Is our population growing because of the pandemic? And what impact are COVID transplants having on their new communities?

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Vermont Edition Host Jane Lindholm
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Jane Lindholm To Move Into New Role At VPR, Expanding 'But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids'

After nearly 14 years as host of Vermont Edition , Jane Lindholm will move into a new role at VPR in February, expanding But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids , as well as producing special news projects for the station.

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Listen Saturday at 1pm as Scott Detrow and Juana Summers host an NPR Special "Voting in America."
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NPR Special: Voting In America

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But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids

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Why Are Whales So Big?

How do whales spray water? Why are humpback whales so fat and blue whales so long, and why are blue whales blue? Do whales have belly buttons? How do you weigh a whale? And how do whales drink water in the salty ocean? We have a whale of a time answering questions about these ocean-dwelling mammals with paleontologist Nick Pyenson, author of Spying on Whales: The Past, Present and Future of Earth's Most Awesome Creatures . Download our learning guides: PDF | Google Slide | Transcript

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Why Can't Kids Vote?

Jane Lindholm / VPR

Why Do Dogs Have Tails?

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A Beginner's Guide To Podcasts

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