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Two women stand in front of heavy metal tools.
Elodie Reed / VPR

As Vermont Hospitals Lose Money, Rural Clinics Could Suffer

Lauren LaMorte’s family has owned its stone tool business, Trow and Holden Co., in downtown Barre for more than a hundred years. She’s witnessed this working class city try to claw its way back from years of poverty, crime and businesses closing, so when she heard that Central Vermont Medical Center was closing Barre’s only downtown clinic, she wasn’t happy.

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Young At Art

A woman holds a mask.
Elodie Reed / VPR

'I Want To Have A Part In The Process': Craftsbury Potter, Teacher Averill McDowell

Ceramic artist Averill McDowell first caught the pottery bug as a student at Peoples Academy, in Morrisville. "Pottery sort of just fell perfectly in my lap," she said. "I learned a little bit in high school how to work with pottery on the wheel. But there wasn’t, like, too much direct instruction. It was more like messing around."

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Col. Ann Brechbuhl sworn in by Commander Col. Jack Ozer.
Cpt. Bryan Holland, Public Affairs Officer for Vermont Wing CAP, courtesy

The new commander of Vermont’s Civil Air Patrol, Col. Ann Brechbühl, says she wants to get more young people interested in aviation. 

The U.S. has shown few weaknesses in its march through the Women's World Cup in France. But now the competition gets harder and the stakes are higher in the knockout round of the monthlong tournament. The first U.S. test comes Monday against Spain in the round of 16 (kickoff is noon ET and broadcast on FS1 and Telemundo).

Researchers at Scotland's University of St Andrews have coaxed a seal to "sing" the first notes of the Star Wars theme song and "Twinkle Twinkle, Little Star".

In a video released by the university, a gray seal named Zola hears a computer play the first seven notes of the Star Wars theme, and then barks the tune back, stretching the last two notes.

Some school districts in Vermont are supplying nurses with Narcan in effort to prevent opioid overdoses on school grounds.
Governor Tom Wolf / Flickr

Since 2014, the Vermont Health Department has been giving out the overdose reversal drug Narcan for free to people at risk of overdose, and since 2016 an order has allowed pharmacies to sell Narcan to anyone without a prescription. Now, nurses at some Vermont schools are also stocking the drug.

'Lost City of Mer' is an underwater virtual reality game created by Norwich filmmaker Liz Canner.
courtesy Lost City of Mer

Inspired by a lack of action on climate change in Washington, and by the deterioration of coral reefs she witnessed while out snorkeling, Norwich filmmaker Liz Canner set out to create an experience that would evoke a visceral reaction and inspire people to address these issues. We’re talking about Lost City of Mer, a virtual reality game that uses a fantastic underwater world to teach players about the importance of climate change action.

Outdoor enthusiasts beware, there's been an uptick in Vermont's tick population this year.
Gabort71 / iStock

Ticks are not our friends. But they seem to like us. And these blood-sucking arachnids have taken to Vermont in great numbers this year. While they're not all carrying Lyme disease, anaplasmosis or Babesiosis, you want to avoid them as much as possible. We learn all about ticks on Vermont Edition.

Women are on track to make up a majority of the college-educated labor force this year, marking a historic turning point in gender parity.

A statue of Ethan Allen outside the Vermont Statehouse on a blue-sky day.
Bob Kinzel / VPR File

Although a lot was packed into Hamilton about the life of the nation's first secretary of the treasury, some details were not told in the musical — including Alexander Hamilton's relationship with one of Vermont's founding fathers.

But biographer Willard Sterne Randall will fill in some of those gaps when he discusses Hamilton's connections to Ethan Allen with a talk at the Ethan Allen Homestead Museum Sunday.

A sign for the town of Bridgewater next to a 25 miles per hour speed limit sign.
Emily Corwin / VPR

Last year, VPR investigated the three Vermont towns that issued the most speeding tickets in 2017: Plymouth, Bridgewater, and tiny Mount Tabor. We've crunched the numbers for 2018 and found ticketing went down statewide by about 10 percent. Ticketing also went down in Plymouth and Mount Tabor. The numbers did not go down in Bridgewater. They went up.

The Center for the Advancement of Public Action at Bennington College has received a $1 million grant to devote to tackling hunger across the county.
courtesy Bennington College

Bennington College will use a $1 million grant to address food insecurity throughout the county by partnering with several institutions across Bennington County, including the local supervisory union, the Southwestern Vermont Medical Center and others. We're talking about what hunger looks like in that part of the state and how it's being addressed.


Gunshots Series

A pistol on a whit background.
Taylor Dobbs, Emily Alfin Johnson / VPR

Gunshots Project Update: Takeaways From 2018 Gun Death Data

More people died from gunshots in Vermont in 2018 than any year since at least 2011, according to the most recent update to the Vermont Public Radio gunshot database.

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Brave Little State

Ecologist Bob Zaino measures the diameter of a sugar maple in Gifford Woods State Park.
Angela Evancie / VPR

Does Vermont Have Any Patches Of Old Growth Forest?

This month on Brave Little State, a question from listener Andrew Wild about Vermont’s most elderly woods.

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Starting June 24, 2019, 'All Things Considered' host Henry Epp will be reading two extra local newscasts at 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
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More Local News Coming To All Things Considered

Beginning Monday, June 24, you will notice some changes to All Things Considered on VPR as we make room for more local news.

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VPR Wins National Murrow Award For Overall Excellence

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Courtesy / Amtrak

Why Do Trains Run On Tracks?

How do trains work? We're traveling to Union Station in Washington, DC and answering all of your questions with Amtrak's Patrick Kidd.

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