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An at-home COVID-19 test kit with instruction booklet in English and Spanish laid out on a white countertop.
Mary Engisch
Moving through the world as a person who is blind or has low vision presents unique challenges during the pandemic, including not being able to see signage about mask requirements, maintaining independence for daily tasks like grocery store visits and using at-home test kits.
  • How Vermont’s hospitals are faring with record COVID numbers. Plus, aid during cold weather and green hydrogen at GlobalFoundries.
Looking up at the golden dome of the Vermont Statehouse on a cloudy day.
As a new legislative session gets underway in Montpelier, we want make sure your questions and concerns shape our coverage.
When question-asker Kate Phillips moved to Vermont, she was surprised to find three different food co-ops within driving range. So, she started to wonder: What is the history of co-ops in Vermont? Why are there so many here?