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Two women stand in front of heavy metal tools.
Elodie Reed / VPR

As Vermont Hospitals Lose Money, Rural Clinics Could Suffer

Lauren LaMorte’s family has owned its stone tool business, Trow and Holden Co., in downtown Barre for more than a hundred years. She’s witnessed this working class city try to claw its way back from years of poverty, crime and businesses closing, so when she heard that Central Vermont Medical Center was closing Barre’s only downtown clinic, she wasn’t happy.

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Young At Art

A woman holds a mask.
Elodie Reed / VPR

'I Want To Have A Part In The Process': Craftsbury Potter, Teacher Averill McDowell

Ceramic artist Averill McDowell first caught the pottery bug as a student at Peoples Academy, in Morrisville. "Pottery sort of just fell perfectly in my lap," she said. "I learned a little bit in high school how to work with pottery on the wheel. But there wasn’t, like, too much direct instruction. It was more like messing around."

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The New York State legislature is approving new protections for farmworkers that supporters say are long overdue.   

Worshippers at the Islamic Society of Vermont in Colchester.
Oliver Parini

The Islamic Society of Vermont will likely move from its home in Fort Ethan Allen in Colchester to a larger building in South Burlington.

It all started on a Tuesday night, when I came home from work to an unmistakable absence. My brown-and-white pit bull mix, Maizey, wasn't at the top of the stairs to greet me. Instead she was in her bed, shaky and confused.

When I tried to get her up, she stumbled, nearly falling over while standing still. Walking to the vet, she leaped like a puppy chasing imaginary balls.

Later, at the 24-hour veterinary clinic in San Francisco's Mission District, the staff ran some tests and determined Maizey was in no immediate danger.

The U.S. Capitol building at night.
J. Scott Applewhite / Associated Press File

A newly released document by Vermont author Stephen Kiernan, called "Vermont To The Tenth Power," argues that the Green Mountain State should use its powers as defined under the 10th amendment of the Constitution to protect the state against harmful decisions made by the government at the federal level.

Cutting the ribbon on an new Mamava suite.
Mamava, Courtesy

Two leaders in the breastfeeding industry are joining forces to support lactating mothers returning to work.

Looking up at Green Mountain College entrance.
Nina Keck / VPR

Want to buy a college? Something small, yet stately, with plenty of built-ins and hundreds of bedrooms? Then Green Mountain College may be for you — but hurry, because it's already turning heads in the real estate market.

When Athletic Brewing Co. offered its nonalcoholic limited-edition Double Hop IPA for sale online last week, it sold out in 32 seconds.

"We've actually been totally overwhelmed and shocked by how strong the nationwide online demand is," says Bill Shufelt, co-founder of Athletic Brewing Co., which produces only nonalcoholic brews.

People with sensory processing challenges can often be sensitve to type and levels of lighting, audio stimuli, texture, movement and more; sensory-friendly experiences tend to limit or alter them.
Fabiana Aroni / iStock

School is out for the summer and for some parents, that means scrambling to find activities for your kids. But for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder or other sensory processing challenges, it can be much more difficult to find accessible options. Vermont Edition will look at why and how some organizations are adapting their offerings to be more sensory-friendly.

A college campus with letters on the ground spelling "CSJ."
Nina Keck / VPR

Like other Vermont institutions struggling with declining enrollment and unsustainable finances, College of St. Joseph in Rutland held its final commencement last month. But college president Jennifer Scott said CSJ is working hard to chart a new course.

It's a sweltering morning in Beltsville, Md., and I'm face-to-face with bee doom. Mark Dykes, a "Bee Squad coordinator" at the University of Maryland, shakes a Mason jar filled with buzzing honeybees that are coated with powdered sugar. The sugar loosens the grip of tiny Varroa mites, a parasite that plagues bees; as he sifts the powder into a bowl, they poke out like hairy pebbles in snow.


Gunshots Series

A pistol on a whit background.
Taylor Dobbs, Emily Alfin Johnson / VPR

Gunshots Project Update: Takeaways From 2018 Gun Death Data

More people died from gunshots in Vermont in 2018 than any year since at least 2011, according to the most recent update to the Vermont Public Radio gunshot database.

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More than 50 commentators provide perspective and opinion about current events, topics of interest, and often showcase the work of writers and storytellers.

Brave Little State

Ecologist Bob Zaino measures the diameter of a sugar maple in Gifford Woods State Park.
Angela Evancie / VPR

Does Vermont Have Any Patches Of Old Growth Forest?

This month on Brave Little State, a question from listener Andrew Wild about Vermont’s most elderly woods.

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Starting June 24, 2019, 'All Things Considered' host Henry Epp will be reading two extra local newscasts at 4:30 p.m. and 5:30 p.m.
Daria Bishop / For VPR

More Local News Coming To All Things Considered

Beginning Monday, June 24, you will notice some changes to All Things Considered on VPR as we make room for more local news.

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VPR Wins National Murrow Award For Overall Excellence

This award recognizes the full scope and impact of what a news organization produces — including breaking news, newscasts, features, continuing coverage and digital presence.

Eye On The Sky

But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids

An Amtrak passenger train pulls into a station on a rainy evening.
Courtesy / Amtrak

Why Do Trains Run On Tracks?

How do trains work? We're traveling to Union Station in Washington, DC and answering all of your questions with Amtrak's Patrick Kidd.

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2019 Summer Music Festival Guide

Your go-to resource for music events across the region this summer.

My Heart Still Beats

A six-part series featuring conversation and original writing from Vermont's recovery community.

A 5-part podcast about a school shooting that didn't happen, and the surprising things that did.