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Is Lake Memphremagog 'In Crisis'? 3,700 Petitioners Say Yes. A Watershed Nonprofit Disagrees

More than 3,700 people have signed a petition asking Vermont to designate Lake Memphremagog a “lake in crisis.” It's a unique label that can bring extra attention and resources to a lake the state deems severely impaired. But the environmental nonprofit Memphremagog Watershed Association says the “crisis” designation is not what's best for the lake.

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The House has unanimously approved a two-year capital construction bill that solidifies a commitment to rebuild the Waterbury state office complex devastated by Tropical Storm Irene.

The bill includes $173 million in spending, with close to $70 million set aside for Irene-related projects.

This is the second legislative session that lawmakers have crafted a two-year spending cycle for state construction projects. And a top priority remains repairing or replacing buildings damaged by the floodwaters of Irene.

Vermont’s attorney general wants a marijuana decriminalization bill moving though the House to allow people to grow one or two plants.

Attorney General Bill Sorrell says if the state doesn’t allow Vermonters to grow their own pot it will force them to buy marijuana illegally.

The Black River Academy Museum in Ludlow, has something of a mystery on its hands. When the museum opens for the summer on June 6, it will be exhibiting a new display of World War I artifacts, donated by several area residents. Among the items to be displayed is the liquid storage container pictured above. But neither the donors nor museum personnel know how to classify the container. An article in the Mt. Holly Chit Chat newsletter states:

Political victories have been rather scarce for the Vermont Republican Party in the last several years. Brent Burns is hoping to turn that around. He's the new Political Director for the Vermont GOP. He just started the job on Tuesday. He spoke with VPR about what he expects from his new job. 

AP/Jim Cole / In this 2005 file photo, doctors and nurses talk in the hallway of the Adult Treatment Center at the Brattleboro Retreat in

Changes are underway at the Brattleboro Retreat. The psychiatric hospital will open a new Adult Intensive Unit next week. The facility is part of the state's new plan to serve mental health patients following the closure of the Vermont State Hospital by flooding from Tropical Storm Irene.

After the storm, the Retreat immediately took patients into an older unit that was quickly redesigned for safety. Now they've fully re-designed a unit in the Tyler building on the fourth floor.

Governor Shumlin's plan to transfer $17 million from the state's Earned Income Tax Credit program to pay for his child care initiative is under fire in the Senate.

Shumlin is looking to the Senate to keep his plan alive because it was rejected by the House last month.

The EITC is a federal program and Vermont matches 32 percent of a household's federal credit. The program is designed primarily to assist low income working people with children.

Rabies Confirmed In St. Albans Raccoons

Apr 4, 2013

Authorities in St. Albans say they've found two raccoons that have tested positive for rabies.

The animals were tested over the weekend after police responded to two separate complaints of possible rabid raccoons on New Street and High Street.

Police Chief Gary Taylor is reminding people that even raccoons that appear to be healthy could be a source of exposure to rabies.

Taylor is asking people if they see a raccoon in the area to please call the police department.

Shumlin, Wife, Finalize Divorce

Apr 4, 2013

Gov. Peter Shumlin and his now ex-wife, Deb,say their divorce has been finalized, after having been separated for several years.

In a statement released Wednesday by the governor's office, Shumlin said the divorce was finalized last month in Windham County Family Court.

In the statement, Shumlin said even though divorce is a sad occasion, Deb and I will be forever blessed by many extraordinary years together and two remarkable daughters.

Veterans Home Passes State Inspection

Apr 4, 2013

The Vermont Veterans Home has passed a state inspection and needs to pass one more to ensure it will keep receiving federal funds.

The home is on special focus status following a near-loss in funding from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services last year. That funding accounts for most of the home's $20 million budget.

Administrator Melissa Jackson tells the Bennington Banner the inspectors from the Division of Licensing and Protection found one minor issue in Monday's inspection, an expired medication.

A group of doctors is telling Vermont lawmakers and the media that changes in how they are paid could harm medical ethics.

They're worried about the payment plan that might be implemented by the Green Mountain Care Board. Speaking at a news conference organized Wednesday by the group Vermonters for Health Care Freedom, Dr. Robert Emmons, a Burlington psychiatrist, said the way Vermont's health care overhaul is planned is not compatible with medical ethics.


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This black and white photo, thought to have been taken in a mill in Winooski, includes a caption suggesting that the man's name is Abair.
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The History Of French Canadian Immigration In Vermont

We explore an aspect of the state's history that some say is overlooked — and answer listener questions about Anglicized names and discrimination — in this encore episode of Brave Little State.

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