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Two parents and three children in a field. The women are wearing long dresses and white head coverings.
Elodie Reed / VPR

How Bennington's Insular Mennonite Community Weathered Pandemic Isolation

Just south of where Shaftsbury gives way to Bennington, a low, wood-paneled building sits along a gentle curve on Route 7A. Out front is the sign that says Market Wagon, painted with a picture of an old-fashioned cart and the motto, “Food for the Multitude.”

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Election 2020

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Protesters in masks stand along the Lamoille River
Elodie Reed / VPR

Vermont reporters provide a roundup of top news takeaways about the coronavirus, the availability of flu vaccines, a settlement between migrant farmworkers and ICE and more for Wednesday, Oct. 28.

A white sign that says "vote here" on a brick street in Burlington.
Liam Elder-Connors / VPR File

Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, this has been one of the most unusual campaign seasons in Vermont history. It's been difficult for candidates to hold political rallies and meet with members of the public. This hour, we talk with a roundtable of Vermont reporters about the people and issues that are shaping political campaigns in 2020. 

A sign reading your vote is your voice on a roadside
Elodie Reed / VPR

Critics of Donald Trump are readying post-Election Day contingency plans in Vermont, as the Republican president ramps up his attacks on the legitimacy of the upcoming election.

More Americans may be wearing masks than early last spring, but other recommended behaviors to stop the pandemic's spread haven't kept pace, according to a new federal survey. And young people are the least likely to take needed steps to stop the virus, the data suggest.

The proportion of U.S. adults reporting wearing face masks increased from 78% in April to 89% in June, according to the nationally representative survey released by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Tuesday.

On its surface, economic growth data out this week will look like one for the record books. But dig in, and the picture is not as bright.

The Commerce Department is expected to report on Thursday record-setting growth in gross domestic product during the most recent quarter, reflecting pent-up demand as businesses reopened and consumers streamed back into the marketplace.

Aaron Springer of Odenton, Md., wasn't looking to sell his 2014 Volkswagen Jetta SportWagen, which he bought used a couple of years ago.

"I love this car," he says.

But Springer heard the used-car market was hot, so he decided he might as well check. To his astonishment, used-car site Carvana offered him $1,500 more than he paid for the vehicle in 2018.

"I mean, it's just too good of a price to not sell it," he says.

A glaring sun behind a simple wooden barn amid a farm background.
Barn at Boyden Farm, Courtesy

A Cambridge wedding in early October is now linked to 18 cases of COVID-19. Vermont health officials say the venue did follow the state's guidelines for a safe and socially-distanced wedding.

National Guard Truck with pallets
Abagael Giles / VPR file

The Vermont National Guard's former equal employment and diversity manager says the guard has a hypermasculine culture that leads to pervasive sexual harassment and assault. We'll speak with Doris Sumner about what she thinks the Guard needs to do better. And we'll get a statement from Adj. Gen. Greg Knight about how he plans to use an audit to address these issues.  

A person lifts up a tarp on a picnic table.
Peter Hirschfeld / VPR File

As the weather becomes colder, many families in Vermont are anxiously searching for housing and programming to support their basic needs. We'll speak with a Burlington homeless shelter to hear about their plans for the winter months amid the continuing pandemic.

Beth Kirkpatrick stands behind a podium
Screenshot / ORCA Media

The University of Vermont is looking for local volunteers to participate in a Phase 3 trial for a prospective COVID-19 vaccine.


Live Coverage: Coronavirus In Vermont

Daily updates from the VPR newsroom on the coronavirus pandemic

Brave Little State

Two people in masks stand outside a yellow house
Peter Hirschfeld / VPR

Is Vermont Really Having A COVID Boom?

Is our population growing because of the pandemic? And what impact are COVID transplants having on their new communities?

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Vermont Edition Host Jane Lindholm
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Jane Lindholm To Move Into New Role At VPR, Expanding 'But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids'

After nearly 14 years as host of Vermont Edition , Jane Lindholm will move into a new role at VPR in February, expanding But Why: A Podcast For Curious Kids , as well as producing special news projects for the station.

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Listen Saturday at 1pm as Scott Detrow and Juana Summers host an NPR Special "Voting in America."
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NPR Special: Voting In America

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Why Are Whales So Big?

How do whales spray water? Why are humpback whales so fat and blue whales so long, and why are blue whales blue? Do whales have belly buttons? How do you weigh a whale? And how do whales drink water in the salty ocean? We have a whale of a time answering questions about these ocean-dwelling mammals with paleontologist Nick Pyenson, author of Spying on Whales: The Past, Present and Future of Earth's Most Awesome Creatures . Download our learning guides: PDF | Google Slide | Transcript

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Why Can't Kids Vote?

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Why Do Dogs Have Tails?

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