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'COVID Hit Us All So Hard': Vt. Hospice Workers Say PTSD Will Last Years

The trauma of the pandemic has affected many: health care workers, first responders, even grocery store clerks. Hospice workers - who deal with death every day - were heavily affected.

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Brave Little State

This black and white photo, thought to have been taken in a mill in Winooski, includes a caption suggesting that the man's name is Abair.
Vermont Historical Society

The History Of French Canadian Immigration In Vermont

We explore an aspect of the state's history that some say is overlooked — and answer listener questions about Anglicized names and discrimination — in this encore episode of Brave Little State.

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Live Coverage: Coronavirus In Vermont

Daily updates from the VPR newsroom on the coronavirus pandemic

Two Canada geese in a field with corn stalk stubs and green cover crops
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Vermont reporters provide a roundup of top news takeaways about the coronavirus and more for Monday, April 5.

The job market is starting to roar back, but for anxious college seniors like Bao Ha, it's a different reality altogether.

"I've probably applied to like 130 or 40 jobs or something," Ha says. "I have not gotten even an email back, or an interview."

Ha is graduating soon from Macalaster College in Minnesota, and between his anthropology thesis and trying to check items off his senior year bucket list, he has spent hours crafting cover letters and scouring job postings.

And now, self-doubt has started to trickle in.

NASA's miniature helicopter has safely deployed on Mars, setting the stage for a potential first flight on the Red Planet.

The four-pound helicopter, called Ingenuity, made the long journey from Earth stowed away underneath the Perseverance rover, which touched down in February. On Saturday, NASA confirmed that Ingenuity had safely separated from the rover's belly and survived the four-inch drop to Mars' surface.

Zoom meetings. Virtual happy hours. Facetime dates. We've been living in a pandemic world for over a year now, and for better or worse, many of us are used to our new social routines.

But as vaccinations ramp up and restrictions begin to loosen across the country, the new question is: Are we ready? After so much time apart, do we even know how to socialize in person anymore?

Chittenden County States Attorney Sarah George sits in a courtroom in 2019.
Glenn Russell / Associated Press file

How does Vermont deal with people accused of violent crimes, but who are also severely mentally ill? It’s a question swirling at the center of three high-profile cases in the state, over which Chittenden County State’s Attorney Sarah George is clashing with the attorney general.

Anna Van Dine / VPR

During the past year, the granite industry in Vermont and elsewhere has experienced an unprecedented spike in demand — for headstones. Manufacturers say it’s related to the COVID-19 pandemic, but not in the way you might expect.

Updated April 8, 2021 at 11:39 AM ET

Gabriel Toro choked up behind his mask as he described the lengths it took him to complete his bachelor's degree at the University of Massachusetts Boston.

Purple and pink sweet pea blossoms on slender green stems.

Some flower varieties just seem to elicit a smile on your face just by looking at them. One such posie is the lovely sweet pea, with the flower bud's cheery appearance, beautiful hues and lovely scent!

Planting them is easy, when you know a couple of helpful tips. And you can start seeds indoors this month, then transplant and grow in a flower garden, raised bed or window box to use in fresh sweet pea bouquets for the table.

Find heirloom, fragrant varieties with names like "Miss Willmott," "America" and "Cupani." There is also a smaller window-box-sized variety, called, "Cupid," and even a perennial sweet pea.

A framed silkscreen image of a child's doll, dressed in a bright red dress.
Erin Jenkins, Courtesy

As a child growing up in South Carolina, artist and printmaker Jennifer Mack-Watkins' curiosity was fueled by thumbing through her local library’s card catalogs and then following those threads. Such as the manner in which Mack-Watkins came to create the works in her first museum solo show, “Children of the Sun,” up now at Brattleboro Museum and Art Center.

Since the pandemic began, pregnant people have faced a difficult choice: to vaccinate or not to vaccinate.

The risk of severe disease or even death from COVID-19 — while small — is higher during pregnancy. More than 82,000 coronavirus infections among pregnant individuals and 90 maternal deaths from the disease have been reported in the U.S. as of last month.


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