Endow VPR

Creating a Sound Future Endowment Fund

While VPR's accomplishments since its founding in 1977 are extraordinary, so are the financial challenges of the 21st century. Although VPR is financially stable and has maintained a balanced budget for over a decade, current income does not permit VPR to realize its full potential nor guarantee its long-term fiscal stability.

To this end, VPR has created an endowment to strengthen its financial base and provide greater budgetary stability. By increasing and diversifying its resources, VPR will be able to create new programming, develop new media and new technologies, build new audiences and ensure that it is at the forefront of the technological revolution. 

Your support of VPR's Creating A Sound Future endowment fund will ensure that VPR will remain a significant information, education and entertainment resource for generations to come.  

You may choose to support the VPR Endowment through a planned gift such as naming VPR in your will, through a Charitable Gift Annuity, or with a gift of stock or cash now.

For more information, contact Brendan Kinney, Vice President of Development and Marketing, 802-654-4389 or bkinney@vpr.net.