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HD (Hybrid Digital) Radio

If you can get VPR News on your regular radio, you can hear VPR Classical and the BBC World Service as well by using an HD (Hybrid Digital) radio. 

What is HD Radio?
Hybrid Digital radio - HD Radio™ - is a technology that enables Vermont Public Radio to broadcast programs a high-quality digital signal alongside our existing analog broadcasts.

What are the benefits of HD Radio?

  • More program choices on a single station: HD Radio allows VPR to “multicast” by dividing the digital signal and broadcasting two or more programs simultaneously. For instance, if you tune to VPR’s 107.9 Burlington station on an HD Radio, you’ll be able to hear VPR News at 107.9-HD1, VPR Classical on 107.9-HD2, and the BBC World Service on 107.9-HD3. All of VPR’s full-power transmitters broadcast in HD.
  • FM radio with near CD-quality sound: Digital technology allows VPR to transmit more information in the same radio wave, which means higher quality sound. So much more, in fact, that FM transmissions can sound nearly as good as CDs, and much better than traditional analog FM.
  • No more static, pops, crackles or fades: A digital signal is less vulnerable to reception problems. The radio tuner's digital processors eliminate the static, pops, hisses, and fades caused by interference. All you hear is clear, clean, rich sound. If you lose the digital signal for some reason, the technology defaults back to analog mode.

How do I get HD Radio?
You’ll need to purchase an HD Radio receiver in order to hear this service. You can find options for your home, car, pocket at many audio and electronic stores. You can also find buying options at hdradio.com.

I just want to hear VPR Classical - do I need an HD radio?
VPR Classical, our 24-hour classical music service, is on several analog (traditional) FM stations across Vermont. Click here for a list of those frequencies. If there isn’t an analog station near you but you can get a VPR News station, you’ll be able to get VPR Classical with an HD radio.

Will VPR eventually stop broadcasting in analog and go to HD only, like TV?
All of VPR's stations will continue to broadcast as we do now, in analog, on the same dial positions. That won't change. Our HD Radio services are in addition to our analog signals, which are not affected by HD radio.

If you have more questions about HD Radio, please feel free to contact us anytime!