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Updates To VPR.net

Today we rolled out some major updates to VPR.net. Since you're reading this blog post, you may have noticed some of them. The key upgrades to the site include:

  • Responsive VPR.net homepage that fits in any device, including computer screens, smartphones, and tablets
  • Upgraded mobile site (visit digital.vpr.net in your smartphone)
  • Streamlined navigation and a refresh of the VPR style guide
  • Simplified posting tools for our hosts, reporters, and producers
  • Integration of VPR stories into the NPR API for wider distribution

What hasn't changed? You will still find all the news stories, music playlists, and other content you're used to finding at VPR.net. If you can't find something, send us an email and we'll be glad to help.

Most of the key pages and links will automatically redirect to the new site. If you come across a broken link or find another issue, please send us an email. Listeners and site visitors are usually the first to inform us when something's not quite right.

This upgrade represents an important step for VPR's digital collaboration with NPR and the network of stations. Over time, this collaboration will help improve VPR's digital services and allow us to focus more on the news, stories, and music you love and expect from your public radio station. 

In addition to NPR Digital, we have a number of great partners who helped with the upgrade and they deserve some thanks, especially Found LineClearbearingPRX, and Colin Urban.

Thanks for your patience and feedback during the site transition. As always, if you have feedback or suggestions for our digital (or other) services, we want to hear it!