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Who Will Win The Vermont Town Challenge?


Updated at 10 a.m., Tuesday, June 25:

Congratulations to the town of Plainfield, winner of VPR's Vermont Town Challenge contest! VPR listeners in Plainfield pulled away from the competition in the final day of the membership drive, with 7.4% of the town's population making a pledge to VPR. Congratulations! VPR will be coming to your town for a Ben & Jerry's ice cream social this summer. Norwich came in second with 6.45%; you can see the full results below.

Thanks to everyone who made a pledge to VPR during this membership drive! We received more than 4,000 pledges and exceeeded our goal of $465,000. 

Vermonters are known for their civic pride, and VPR listeners love a good challenge - so this membership drive, we're putting the two together!

Pledge now to participate in our Town Challenge contest.  The Vermont town with the greatest percentage of pledges per capita during this membership drive will win a public ice cream social from VPR and Ben & Jerry’s in the winning town this summer! Check out the spreadsheet below for the latest results.

Already made your pledge? Never fear; contributions made during VPR's pre-drive effort and our 10,000 Sustaining Members who make automatic monthly contributions also count towards the Town Challenge.  You can also encourage your neighbors to support VPR!

The contest will end when we meet our overall goal of $465,000, and the ice cream social will take place later this summer.

Show your town pride and support all of the programs and services you rely on every day from VPR.... and good luck!