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A Visit From "The Cucumber Lady"


Vermont Edition Host Jane Lindholm got a little carried away with her garden this year. That, or she has a really, really green thumb. For the last month or so, we've been finding baskets of cucumbers in the VPR kitchen, with notes signed "The Cucumber Lady," pleading with us to take them off her hands.

"I'm just happy that people aren't revolting yet with so many cucumbers entering the building," Jane said. "I swear, I'm also eating and pickling as much as I can. These cucumbers are just overwhelming me!

"I'm looking for a really good hot cucumber soup, not gazpacho! Or other ways to bake with cukes - can you make cucumber bread instead of zucchini bread?"

Can anyone help Jane out with recipes for a hot cucumber soup or cucumber-based baked goods? Share your favorite cucumber recipes in the comments, and thanks!