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CGAs: A Sound Investment

A charitable gift annuity is a stable investment opportunity that can also satisfy your philanthropic priorities.

VPR partners with the Vermont Community Foundation to provide this service. Through the VCF you can purchase an annuity that will provide you (and one other person) with an annual income source for the duration of your lifetime. After that time, the annuity is gifted to VPR.

Annual and quarterly payout rates range from 4.4% to 9% depending on your age. For many, CGAs are an opportunity to make a larger long term gift to VPR than they might otherwise be able to do.

If you'd like more information or to receive a complimentary Annuity Illustration that includes your rate, payment schedule and tax implications, please contact Leanne Klyza-Linck, 800-639-2192 x175, or lklyzalinck@vpr.net.

Update: This post was updated to change the staff contact information.