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See Morocco With Steve Zind


VPR's Citizens Of The World Tours will venture to Morocco June 11-19, 2014. Host Steve Zind offered his thoughts about why he's looking forward to traveling with you: 

After traveling in Iran, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Afghanistan, I look forward to discovering Morocco, this time with VPR listeners.  Our itinerary takes us to places that have long been part of our catalog of the world's most intriguing destinations: Marrakesh, Casablanca, Fez.  But we’ll also venture off the beaten track through mountains and villages.

Each of the countries I’ve visited is very different, yet each has the unmistakable stamp of long held custom and culture. There is the ubiquitous hospitality of the Islamic world, the decidedly casual attitude toward time and promptness, an approach to doing business that combines open-hearted generosity and calculated shrewdness. There is a different sense of order, where tradition coexists alongside the trappings of modern life.  In short it’s the kind of experience that opens one’s eyes to another world -and I look forward to our discovering it together.  

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