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The Future Of Q On VPR


You may have heard the startling news recently that the CBC - Canada's public broadcaster - suspended and then fired Jian Ghomeshi, who hosted Q. He has a since been publicly accused of subjecting numerous women to violent assaults during sexual encounters.

Since the news came out, several listeners have contacted VPR wondering about the future of the show, which we air Monday – Thursday at 8 p.m. Q is still broadcasting with alternate hosts until the CBC finds a permanent replacement. You can listen to a message about the future of Q by guest host Brent Bambury here.

VPR will continue to carry Q, as we believe its content is a great fit for our evening schedule. However, we will be keeping a careful ear to the show over the next several months to ensure it remains that way as it goes through this period of transition. If not, we'll make adjustments at that time. We’d love to hear your thoughts about the show in the weeks and months to come.