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VPR Awarded Grant To Form New England News Collaborative With Regional Public Media Organizations

Eight public media organizations in New England, including Vermont Public Radio, have received a $625,538 grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting (CPB) to establish a regional news collaboration.

The New England News Collaborative (NENC) will produce multimedia coverage focusing on the region's energy usage, climate, transportation infrastructure, and its people and immigration issues. This robust partnership will produce dynamic reporting projects for on-air broadcast, digital and web presentations, and a series of public Town Hall-style meetings centered on issues facing New England and its residents. 

“The New England News Collaborative will be a multimedia boon to this region. By working together, the eight public media stations that make up this effort will have the opportunity to delve deeper into news coverage and share high-quality reporting at the local, regional, and national level,” said Bruce Theriault, CPB senior vice president of journalism and radio. “CPB is proud to support this new partnership.”

"Vermont Public Radio has always partnered with other public radio stations to broaden and strengthen our reporting from around the region,” said John Dillon, VPR’s News Director. “The New England News Collaborative will build on this foundation, helping to tell the stories of and explore the issues that affect all New Englanders.”

This regional collaborative is hosted by Connecticut Public Broadcasting Network and includes: Vermont Public Radio, New England Public Radio, WBUR, Maine Public Broadcasting Network, New Hampshire Public Radio, Rhode Island Public Radio, and WSHU Public Radio.

The NENC will report for partner stations and collaborate with national programs, including Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Here & Now, and other public media programs in New England.

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