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Rutland's VPR Classical Station Is Moving To 99.1 FM

VPR Classical 99.1 coverage map
VPR Classical in Rutland is moving from 92.5 to 99.1

VPR Classical’s Rutland station at 92.5 is moving to 99.1. 


The move is necessary because a full-power station is going on air at 92.5 in Poultney. Since VPR Classical's station is a translator (learn more about about translators here), we are required to move our frequency so as to not interfere with the new station.

The good news is that the coverage area for 99.1 is almost exactly the same as 92.5, so you shouldn’t notice a difference in reception or signal quality. 


VPR Classical in Rutland will be off the air this week while our engineers install a new antenna. In the meantime, we hope you’ll listen at VPR.net, or on your smartphone or tablet.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while this transition takes place. We’ll post updates here as they become available, and if you have any questions feel free to contact us.