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Meet Our Spring 2018 Interns: Tabitha Dudley and Lydia Massey

Anna Ste. Marie
A photo snapped by then-Vermont Edition intern (now full-time staffer) Anna Ste. Marie.

We wanted to take a second to introduce you to two new members of our team who are with us in Colchester for 14 weeks this spring: our interns!

Internships are at the heart of how many VPR and NPR staffers discovered a love for public media.

As part of our public service to the people of Vermont, we have a responsibility to provide an opportunity for early career/pre-career Vermonters to experience the media work first hand.

Tabitha Dudley, Newsroom

Credit Daria Bishop / for VPR
for VPR

Twitter handle — @TabithaDudley90

A recent story by Tabitha: "Sen. Bernie Sanders On Russia: 'We Knew What We Knew, When We Knew It'"

Bio — Tabitha is a senior from Birmingham, Alabama studying Mass Communications at Arizona State University.

When Tabitha isn't studying or scheming for a new podcast idea, you will find her doing Beyonce karaoke or working out.

What are you working on?

My original idea was about the lack of diversity in Vermont and how it affects people of color in the state- based on my experiences here. Because that is a vast subject, and something I can’t tackle in 14-weeks, I needed to find a focus.

Based on the subject, I thought covering the student-led protests at UVM would be an excellent place to start.

Credit Emily Corwin / VPR
In the second month of the newsroom internship, Tabitha is transitioning into field reporting.

Lydia Massey, Vermont Edition

Credit Daria Bishop / For VPR

Twitter handle: @lyd_mass

A recent story by Lydia: "6 Tips For A Long, Happy Life From An 106-Year-Old Vermonter"

Bio — Hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, Lydia is a senior at the University of Vermont majoring in Public Communication. Lydia has a passion for writing and journalism.

Aside from listening to public radio, Lydia enjoys practicing and teaching yoga in her free time.

What are you working on? As an intern for the Vermont Edition, there’s always something to be done. Whether it’s screening calls for the show or helping out with social media, there’s little time to be bored.

Know someone who should apply?

Applications for the summer and fall sessions are still being accepted! Any student (undergrad or graduate) studying journalism, media, communication or with an interest in public media journalism is welcome.

You can find all the details here.