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VPR + NPR One: Your Public Radio, Made Personal

Two NPR One pins with the VPR logo on a pink dish that says Something Magical.
Emily Alfin Johnson
Some might say when you localize your NPR One app to your favorite Vermont public radio station, something magical *does* happen.

So you want to know more about NPR One? We've got you covered.

Already know what you're looking for? Skip ahead:

What is NPR One? | How to download? | I want to discover new podcasts

What is NPR One?

Credit Animation: Emily Alfin Johnson, VPR; App: NPR One
An animation of the three different ways the app can better understand what you like to listen to: skip, putting you in control of when it's time for the next story; interesting, which tells the app that you're especially enjoying the story and want to hear more like it; and later, for when you want to listen to the story again another time.

NPR One is an app that creates a customized stream of local and national news stories, programs and podcasts selected just for you (kind of like your discover weekly playlist if you're a Spotify user — or your social media newsfeed if that's more your thing — but with audio!)

When you open the app and hit play, it will start you off with the latest national newscast followed by the latest local newscast, so you're caught up on the latest news. Then it will play you a selection of stories from VPR and NPR.

When it's first getting to know you, they might be shorter news stories.

At any time you can skip a story, save something for later, or mark something as interesting so the app knows to play you more of this type of content (if it's a show/podcast, it will try to serve you up future episodes!)

After a while it might learn you prefer podcasts in the evening and on weekends, and longer newsier stories on your way to work in the morning.

You can even search within the app for your favorite programs, stories or podcasts and follow them to get notifications when there's a new episode or have the latest episode play automatically in your flow when it's available.

Why do I need another app to listen? What makes NPR One different?

Of all the apps on your phone, NPR One is the only one that puts you in control — you're never going to come in halfway through something like a livestream.

With notifications for your favorite podcasts and programs, you're never going to miss an episode.

You'll never miss the top of the hour news because as soon as you hit play, you'll get the latest from NPR and VPR — updated regularly with the local and national news to keep you in the know.

One app.

All you have to do is press play.

Oh and...

How to download the app

You can download the app by selecting the button that corresponds with your smartphone below. Once you've downloaded and opened the app, NPR One will walk you through a quick intro and setup process that takes about two minutes. It's at this stage you can localize the app to VPR.


Stuck on a desktop?

Take it for a spin at one.npr.org

I want to discover new podcasts. Can NPR One help?

Yes! There are a few ways to discover new podcast through NPR One. Here's a breakdown of the three primary ways:

By Location
Credit Emily Alfin Johnson, canva.com / VPR

When you localize to VPR (or any station), NPR One will share locally produced podcasts with you. These will play automatically in your flow after your newscasts.

You can also find them by tapping the "hamburger" (the three horizontal lines on the top left of the app) and selecting "Vermont Public Radio." There you will find three "shows" we suggest.

Using Explore
Credit Emily Alfin Johnson, canva.com / VPR

On the top of the app, you'll see "listen," representing the area where you will find your main flow of content, and then "explore."

It is here where you will find a selection of content curated by the NPR One Team, including popular programs, shows you've enjoyed so far, featured shows and recommendations.

You'll also find the stories you've recently heard in case you'd like to listen to them again, your saved stories and what's up next.

Credit Emily Alfin Johnson, canva.com / VPR

The third and final way you can use NPR One as a podcast discovery tool is using the search feature. Here you will need to know roughly what you're looking for. You can find the search icon to the right of "explore."

You can search by station, by content creator, by program title or episode title.

Please note: More recent episode or story titles tend to work better than older episodes that might not be at the top of the archive in the app.

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