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Informing, Inspiring And Connecting America: Public Media’s Commitment To Dispelling Disinformation

Allison Shelley
NPR congressional correspondent Susan Davis on Capitol Hill.

The reach and power of false information is growing. From rising extremism, to baseless claims of voter fraud, disinformation is gaining a foothold in our society.

At this inflection point for our country and our democracy, we invite you to learn more about the essential role your support can play in informing the public.

Amid a sea of false narratives and confusion, public media stands out. Through credible, accurate reporting, we counter disinformation with verified facts. By giving people the information they need to reach their own conclusions, we achieve our mission to create a more informed public, one better able to recognize false claims and avoid being misled.

Philanthropic support makes this kind of reporting possible, strengthening VPR's and NPR's ability to tell impactful stories that make the world a more just, civil and informed place.

Learn more about this important initiative, or email majorgiving@vpr.org.