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Celebrate 40 years of 'Eye On The Sky' with an anniversary message!

Photo: Herb Swanson/for VPR
Illustration: Natalie Cosgrove/VPR & Vermont PBS
'Eye on the Sky' is celebrating its 40th year of weather forecasting in Vermont.

Eye On The Sky is in its 40th year and we’re celebrating with stories! You can get in on the fun by recording a message on your smartphone and emailing it to us. It’s easy!

Whether your day just isn't right until you hear Mark Breen say “Good morning”, EOTS saved you from having an awful day or maybe if you ever had an EOTS “driveway moment”? Whatever story or sentiment you want to share with Mark Breen, Steve Maleski, Lawrence Hayes and Chris Kurdek is welcome.

Between now and February 28th we want to hear from you. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Use the voice memo function on your smartphone to record a short message, try to keep it to just a minute or two.
  2. Start the recording with your name and what town you live in.
  3. Get creative: write a poem, sing your message, go a little bit wild.
  4. Share your smartphone recordings with us at community@vpr.org.
  5. Having trouble? Click here for a detailed walk-through.
  6. Then stay tuned for news of what comes next!
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  • The Eye On The Sky provides region-wide, detailed weather information complemented by science, history, astronomy, and lore. Special features focus on farm and garden information, seasonal recreation, and storm coverage. Hosted by meteorologists Mark Breen, Steve Maleski , Lawrence Hayes, and Christopher Kurdek. The meteorologists gather information from various online sources and from a network of dedicated weather observers to produce accurate, local weather forecasts covering the tri-state region of Vermont, New Hampshire, and northern New York, as well as parts of southern Québec, and northern Massachusetts.