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VPR 2017 Murrow Awards Submission — Website

A yearlong DOJ operation resulted in the arrest of more than 35 people for selling illicit items on the darkweb. Two of the men arrested were Vermonters.

2017 was VPR's biggest year for total sessions and visitors: totaling over 475,000 sessions and 210,000 average monthly visitors to our website and apps in addition to being our best year for streaming hours and visitors.

The following represents the function, form and style of our content in 2017:

  1. VPR.net
  2. [PROJECT] Gunshots: The role of guns in life — and death — in Vermont
  3. [PROJECT] Vermont's Response: Trump's First 100 Days
  4. [STORY] Wonderful News: 17 Things That Made Vermont Smile In 2017
  5. [TOP STORY] Bill To Keep Vermont Police From Participating In Trump's Orders Gets Tri-Partisan Support
  6. [ONLINE-ONLY] Rutland, Refugee Resettlement And A Camp A World Away In Jordan
  7. [INTERACTIVE INVESTIGATION] The Slow And Painful Prison Death Of Roger Brown