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News Series: They Are Us

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Series Description

They Are Us is a seven-part series about mental health in Vermont, from Vermont Public Radio. Each episode highlights personal stories from inside the state's mental health care system. It features healthcare professionals, policymakers, people living with serious mental illness and their families.

The series aired on VPR the week of Nov. 12, 2018.

Audio included in this admission features segments from four of the seven programs as follows:

00 – 1:15:         Series Introduction

1:20 – 5:48:     Four segments from Parents, a story about what it’s like day to day, year to year, to be a parent of an adult child living with schizophrenia.

5:48 – 15:57:   Three segments from Home, a story about the role that housing plays in mental health.

15:57–21:27:  Three segments from I Can Be Well, a story about Leslie Nelson’s experience living with schizophrenia, and the power of finding people like herself to talk with about life with mental illness.     

21.27-29:02    Two segments from Work, a story about Alexis and Steve, who both live with schizophrenia, and the role that work plays in their recovery.

29:02-30:00:   Series Outro