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VPR 2019 Murrow Awards Submission — Investigative Reporting

Audio rundown

1. 'Worse For Care': When Elder Homes Stumble, Frail Vermonters Get Hurt [Audio Feature]

Vermont's 133 state-licensed assisted living and residential care homes are entrusted with more than 3,000 elderly or disabled residents but receive minimal state oversight. A joint investigation by VPR and Seven Days revealed troubling patterns of inadequate care that led to dozens of injuries, countless indignities and at least five deaths.

Broadcast November 27, 2019.

2. 'Worse For Care': When Eldercare Homes Flout The Rules, Managers Aren't Held Responsible [Audio Feature]

While care home administrators wield considerable power over staff and residents, they are rarely held to account when things go wrong.

Broadcast December 11, 2019.

3. 'Worse For Care': About This Series [Reporter Debrief]

Emily Corwin of VPR and Derek Brouwer of Seven Days take listeners deeper into their joint investigation into eldercare in Vermont, and Derek Brouwer previews his upcoming print story on staffing shortages in long-term care. 

Broadcast December 4, 2019.

Additional reporter debriefs, call-in show, and print materials submitted as supplemental material.