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Online Streams

Listen to all of VPR's online streams - VPR News, VPR Classical, Replay, The BBC and the Vermont Statehouse - using your computer's browser or any of your preferred streaming devices.

To Listen Now, Click The Orange Play Button

The fastest and easiest way to listen is with the player built right into VPR.org. If you're on a computer, you'll see it at the top left of the screen. If you're on a mobile device, it will be located at the bottom left of the screen. Click the "All Streams" button on the right side of the audio player to select the stream you want. This is called the Persistent Player, which means the stream will keep playing as you navigate VPR.org, or leave it open in a browser tab.

Apps For iOS & Android

Get the VPR iOS App | Get the VPR Android App

Use the Apps to listen to the online streams as well as the latest on-demand newscasts and podcasts. Get quick access to the latest news stories right on your phone!

VPR Audio Player

For more stream options or if you prefer a "pop up" player in your browser, use the VPR Audio Player. This player includes low-bandwidth options, i.e. 24k MP3, as well as higher quality audio streams, AAC+ and Flash.

Smart Speakers

One of the fastest and easiest ways to listen to VPR is using voice commands with your "smart speaker."

Check out VPR.org/smart for an overview of how to use Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Homepod.

For details on Amazon Alexa, take a peek at this VPR Blog post about how to use Alexa to listen to VPR streams, podcasts and news. We're still learning more about Google Home, but at this point the easiest way to listen is to say "OK Google, play NPR" and "OK Google, stream VPR Classical."

These services are changing a lot. We'll keep this information updated. Please share your feedback with us.

Apple Music And AppleTV

Use this link to listen to Vermont Public Radio in Apple Music and AppleTV. To listen in iTunes, use the links below.

iTunes and Windows Media

Use the playlist links below to open the streams using iTunes or Windows Media Player.

 iTunes (.pls)  Windows Media (.asx)
VPR96k | 64k | 24k | 64k AAC+96k | 64k | 24k
VPR Classical128k | 64k | 24k | 64k AAC+128k | 64k | 24k
VPR Replay64k | 24k64k | 24k
BBC World Service24k24k
Vermont House*24k24k
Vermont Senate*24k24k

Above streams are MP3 unless noted as AAC+.

Secure HTTPS URLs For VPR's Online Streams

Some devices and apps require the stream's direct MP3 web address, the URL, to connect to the live streams. The most popular format is the 64k MP3.

MP3 64k: https://vpr.streamguys1.com/vpr64.mp3
MP3 24k: https://vpr.streamguys1.com/vpr24.mp3
MP3 96k: https://vpr.streamguys1.com/vpr96.mp3
AAC 64k: https://vpr.streamguys1.com/vpr64.aac

VPR Classical
MP3 64k: https://vprclassical.streamguys1.com/vprclassical64.mp3
MP3 24k: https://vprclassical.streamguys1.com/vprclassical24.mp3
MP3 128k: https://vprclassical.streamguys1.com/vprclassical128.mp3
AAC 64k: https://vprclassical.streamguys1.com/vprclassical64.aac

VPR Replay: My Place, Friday Night Jazz, and All The Traditions
MP3 64k: https://vprmix.streamguys1.com/vprmix64.mp3
MP3 24k: https://vprmix.streamguys1.com/vprmix24.mp3
AAC 64k: https://vprmix.streamguys1.com/vprmix64.aac

BBC MP3 24k: https://vprbbc.streamguys1.com/vprbbc24.mp3

Vermont Legislature
Vermont House MP3 24k: https://vprstate.streamguys1.com/vprhouse24.mp3
Vermont Senate MP3 24k: https://vprstate.streamguys1.com/vprsenate24.mp3

The House and Senate streams from the Vermont Legislature are active only when they are in session and have the chamber microphone turned on. Visit the Vermont Legislature page for more.

Bandwidth Options For Dial-Up And Mobile Data Plans

To access the Low Bandwidth 24 kbps MP3 streams, use the URLs above or this the VPR Audio Player.

VPR offers our live streams in several different bit rates. Generally speaking, streams with higher bit rates produce better sound than streams with lower rates. This bit rate is measured in kilobits per second (kbps), abbreviated to "k." While higher bit rate streams sound better, they also require higher bandwidth internet connections.

Listeners with high-speed internet, such as from fiber network or cable broadband, can usually listen to the higher bit rate streams, e.g. 64k, 96k and 128k. Listeners on DSL and satellite should start with the 64k stream options but may have to use 24k when their connections are slow.

If you're listening on a mobile device, and not using Wifi or an unlimited data plan, you may incur charges for from your carrier for mobile data usage (this applies to any streaming service, not just VPR). In this case, you can use the 24 kbps streams, available below and on the VPR Audio Player, to help minimize your data consumption, but be mindful you may incur charges.

If you have a dial-up connection your best streaming option is to use the 24k MP3 streams - higher bandwidth streams might not work on dial-up connections.

Please note that internet speeds can vary for each user and network and can vary depending on time and conditions. Try streams of different bit rates to find the best listening experience for your device and connection. If you experience poor performance with a stream that is usually reliable, try the lower option temporarily. If you have questions, contact us.

What Are MP3, AAC And Flash?

MP3 is the most common encoding for digital audio and is supported across the greatest number of browsers and devices. AAC+ is audio coding that delivers higher quality audio at lower bandwidth. Flash is a common internet software platform that we use to deliver the AAC+ streams on devices that don't natively support that format. AAC+ currently works in Safari and Chrome but not all other browsers, while Flash plays in most desktop browsers (Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.) but not all mobile devices. But if you can listen to AAC or Flash - via the VPR Audio Player, your browser, or some other player - you may notice a richer sound at lower bit rates, especially with music.