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Ryan Yoder of the Yoder Farm in Danby says there is a need for diversification in agriculture, to develop outside markets and improve infrastructure.

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Eight years ago, Lindsay and Scott Courcelle started a market garden of vegetables, herbs and flowers in Shrewsbury. Now, their venture has grown into Alchemy Gardens.

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Vermonters are proud of many things: maple syrup, skiing, a presidential candidate and, of course, cheddar cheese.        

Joe Gay - an engineer with Casella Waste Systems - stands before the Coventry landfill.
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Vermont has only one operational landfill in the entire state. The Coventry Landfill takes more than two-thirds of the 600,000 tons of waste thrown away every year — but most Vermonters have never seen it.

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In his 2014 State of the State address, Gov. Peter Shumlin called attention to the heroin and opiate addiction crisis across Vermont. But this is not the first time that Vermont has faced an opiate epidemic.

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In one photo, apples, crispy bacon, shredded cheddar cheese and a couple of sprigs of fresh sage rest on a weathered wooden cutting board, ready to be made into savory scones.

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There are now three Democratic candidates for governor: Matt Dunne, Sue Minter and Shap Smith. Two Republican candidates, Lt. Governor Phil Scott and Bruce Lisman, are in the running as well.

Thus far there are no Progressive candidates in the race, calling to question whether or not the party will unofficially support a Democratic candidate.

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Canadian author Louise Penny conjured the small village of Three Pines for her bestselling Chief Inspector Gamache series. The idyllic town in the Eastern Townships of Quebec, just north of the Vermont border, is just the place one would want to live, if not for the high murder rate.

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Less than 1 percent of SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) benefits coming into Vermont are redeemed at the 45 farmers markets capable of processing these benefits. 

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The thought of setting off into the woods with only the gear on your back can be a bit daunting. There's the danger of over-packing, which can lead to sore shoulders, or of forgetting something and being unprepared for what nature throws at you.

One of the few Abenaki speakers in the world is Jesse Bowman Bruchac of Saratoga Springs, New York, and he's worked for most of his adult life to teach and preserve Abenaki.  "Every language holds within it an entire understanding of the world," says Bruchac. "When we lose a language, we've lost some of the diversity of human thought."

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"Kwai!" is an Abenaki greeting that even fewer people are going to understand in upcoming years. Language is constantly evolving, just as humans do. However, this means that as some languages become more dominant, others come to an end.

A Vermont corporation is playing a role in bringing a much-talked about Tesla product to market. The Dynapower Company, based in South Burlington, is making energy storage inverters for Tesla's Powerpack battery system.

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In her 104 years, the enigmatic storyteller and poet Daisy Turner became an important figure in Vermont folklife. Both her oration skills and attention to family history made her a compelling narrator of the African American experience in Vermont. Her family members also shared her passion for storytelling and documenting their family history from slavery to their 150-acre homestead in Grafton.

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Finding the motivation to change your lifestyle for the better can sometimes be a challenge. But what if you were getting paid to do so? The Vermont Center on Behavior and Health is an interdisciplinary hub for research on the impact personal behaviors and choices have on lifelong health. They look at why certain populations are more at risk for making decisions that cause health complications in the long run, and what actions can be taken to intervene.

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The Vermont State Board of Education adopted new standards for physical education and health classes this past May. Physical educators will now have access to national resources from SHAPE America and the National Health Education Standards, mirroring the introduction of Common Core in other subjects. The goal? Promoting lifelong healthy habits in students.

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For many, sorting trash from recyclables and compost comes down to personal preference. With the unanimous 2012 passing of Act 148, or the Universal Recycling Law, this practice is becoming mandatory. The second phase of the eight-year plan to reduce materials sent to landfills goes into effect July 1, and instates compulsory recycling statewide.

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Canada is hosting the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup, which began on June 5. Their national women's team is set to compete in the second stage next week with the help of Josee Belanger, a native of Coaticook, Quebec.

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Green burial, an eco-friendly alternative to conventional steel-lined caskets and embalming, has risen in popularity within the funeral industry in recent years. A new state law codifies Vermont's approach to natural burial and the creation of green cemeteries.

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A group of musicians in the Upper Valley have created a music streaming site called CaBallBreakeRadio that hopes to give overlooked singers and bands in Vermont and New Hampshire a better chance at being noticed.