Mary Engisch

Weekend Host/Reporter

Mary Engisch is the host and reporter for Weekend Edition Saturday and Weekend Edition Sunday on VPR.

Mary joined VPR in 2011 as a board operator and announcer. From 2014 to 2018, she also hosted a weekly arts calendar segment and feature with local artists.

During the week, Mary works with the programming and news teams, helping to create on-air content and conducting interviews for the weekend news magazines. She is also one of the directors for Vermont Edition.

She grew up in Vermont in a tiny household full of 7 siblings, two parents and some cats.

Since then, she has earned a B.A. in Journalism from St. Michael's College in Colchester, Vermont, and has worked at a small weekly newspaper, as a voice-over artist, a vegan cupcake entrepreneur and a rock deejay at several local stations in Vermont.

She spends any free time concocting new gluten-free, low-sugar, tasty vegan dessert recipes and loves lifting very heavy things each morning at her gym.

Mary still resides in her hometown, still in a very tiny house, still with lots of people and still with some cats.

Small carrot seedlings in a line grow in soil.

You may have heard the mantra that, "carrots love tomatoes," when it comes to garden placement. In this episode, we'll learn about plant partners and the scientific data that backs up how the placement of certain plants can keep pests and weeds at bay. You can experiment in your own garden this summer! 

A speaker cone with the words, "Safe & Sound."
Anna Ste. Marie

This episode of Safe & Sound has Vermont music about dolphin adoration, monsters and shapeshifters, plus whiskey and spinning planets. We also get a behind-the-curtain glimpse of how Ripton artist Sarah King digs in to write her dark Americana folk ballads.

A railroad dining-car eatery with stools, counter and booths.
John Getchell, courtesy

The sign propped up in the parking space in front of Bennington's Blue Benn Diner reads, "If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It!" And since new owner John Getchell left his home in Southern Maine to purchase and run the Bennington landmark, he has changed very little about it.

Various cut flowers in glass vases sit on a wooden table.

Happy Valentine's Day! To preserve cut flowers that you may have received for the holiday, we’ll run through the basics of cut flower care including some tried-and-true home remedies.

A speaker cone with the words, "Safe and Sound: A Celebration of Local Music," over it.
Anna Ste. Marie, VPR

This episode shines a musical spotlight on Vermonters like Maiz Vargas, KeruBo and Damascus Kafumbe, whose musical influences stem from multicultural lived experiences and communities. These Vermont artists perform Latin rock, jazz, reggae and traditional music and they'll share their expertise and talents. Plus, we'll be treated to never-before-heard new releases from Vargas' band Mal Maiz and get a sneak peek at a project that KeruBo, is working on now!

A drawer-ful of vegetable seed packets.

While planning for your garden, going through seed catalogs can be like a wintertime treasure hunt, especially, if you are seeking out new and unusual varieties of veggies, flowers and herbs!

Two unclothed people stand on a wooden dock near a pond with the words, "censored by robots" covered their backsides.
Sage Horsey

This episode of Safe & Sound features new tracks from Moonwake (Josh Weinstein’s project when he isn’t playing bass with Kat Wright) and Chipmunk Economy, the Brattleboro-area band that got back together after 10 years to create 10 new songs. Plus we'll get a behind-the-scenes look and listen into Peg Tassey’s new single, “Winter Comes,” complete with sounds of loons and crunching snow and ice.

A small building
U.S. National Registry of Historic Sites, Courtesy

With Amtrak service on the way, one Vermont select board is now considering what to do with its historic train depot building, which, where it currently sits, is 14 feet too close to the tracks.

Natural aromatic herbs on a cutting board.

Get a taste of greenery by learning to grow easy culinary herbs indoors right now. Learning the right lighting, watering, temperature and harvesting are key to growing indoor herbs!  

A speaker cone with the words, "Safe and Sound: A Celebration of Local Music," over it.
Anna Ste. Marie, VPR

This episode of Safe & Sound: VPR's Celebration Of Vermont Music hops from folk to surf rock, atmospheric beats and Celtic music to pop in a musical spin around the state. These Vermont artists record all alone in home studios, like Chicky Stoltz and in Vermont studios, like Owl Stars and The Wet Ones!

A silver trowel and digging tool with wooden handles in brown soil.

A single teaspoon of soil has more microbes in it than there are people on the planet, and they are a crucial part in creating a healthy soil structure. This spring, folks who garden can embrace a new mantra: stop tilling, turning and digging your soil!

A lunar rover made by Dartmouth students with metalic, circular probes and a gold colored, square core, moves over tan sand
Adam Gronewold, Courtesy,

Answering a challenge from NASA, Dartmouth engineering students teamed up to create lunar explorers that could roam the dark side of the moon.

Manasi Singh (‘24) writes for The Dartmouth and joined VPR to talk about the team, its winning entry and how team members pivoted from the usual in-person robotics project to building the rover in their professor’s garage.

A speaker cone with the words, "Safe and Sound: A Celebration of Local Music," over it.
Anna Ste. Marie, VPR

This episode of Safe & Sound boasts tons of new music for 2021, including a track from a surf-guitar concept album about dolphins, a fresh song from Deejay Craig Mitchell's latest collaboration called San Mateo, plus new Jesse Taylor Band, Luminous Crush, Pete's Posse and Clever Girls!

The view from Merck Forest in Rupert, looking out at the Taconic Mountains, with a treed and snowy hillside in the foreground, against a blue sky
Abagael Giles / VPR


In recent days, Bennington County has surpassed Vermont's most populous county when it comes to the number of COVID-19 cases identified per 10,000 residents.

Through a magnifier, the viewer can see tiny, red spider mites on the back of a plant's leaf.
jess311 / iStock

Aphids, mealybugs and spider mites, oh my! In this episode, we'll learn how to identify and tackle household pests, plus how to avoid them in the first place. We'll also find out more about common houseplant critters like white flies, scale and fungus gnats.

A large black bear stands on all fours in a wooded area.
Jacob Zorn, Courtesy

More hunters in the woods, plus more readily-available food sources thanks to a new composting law, equaled a record number of bears taken during hunting seasons in Vermont and New Hampshire. The Valley News news editor John Gregg joined VPR  to share statistics.

A speaker cone with the words, "Safe and Sound: A Celebration of Local Music," over it.
Anna Ste. Marie, VPR

MLK Day of Service is Monday, Jan. 18. In this episode of Safe & Sound, we'll focus on songs and spoken word that raise awareness around social and racial inequality and songs of hope.

Join VPR this Saturday at 6 p.m., and hear Vermont artists recorded by Deejay Craig Mitchell last year for the special Safe & Sound episodes titled, Vermont Voices For Change. In those episodes, Mitchell asked Vermont artists of color to talk about their own experiences with racial injustices living and working in the state. Hear songs and spoken word from A2VT, Matthew Evan Taylor, KeruBo, 99 Neighbors, Ferene Paris Meyer, Deejay Craig Mitchell, Reuben Jackson, Dwight & Nicole, Myra Flynn and  more.

A man in a suit jacket and white shirt

On Wednesday, pro-Trump extremists pushed through barricades, carried Confederate flags and broke through windows and doors to gain entry into the Capitol building in Washington, D.C.

Steffen Gillom is president of the Windham County NAACP and he spoke with VPR about why our words matter when describing both the events and responses.

Houseplants on a wooden shelf near a sunny window.

You've joined the houseplant bandwagon! Now that your greenery has been growing indoors for awhile, you're beginning to notice problems, like spindly growth, brown leaf tips, poor flowering and wilting. In this first of two episodes on indoor plant care, Charlie will share the main causes of poorly growing houseplants and some easy solutions.

A speaker cone with the words, "Safe and Sound: A Celebration of Local Music," over it.
Anna Ste. Marie, VPR

Plenty of new releases this week on Safe & Sound for the new year, including couchsleepers, Marcie Hernandez, Patti Casey and The Young Love Scene!