Olivia White


Summer 2019 Intern, Vermont Edition

Olivia was our Vermont Edition intern summer 2019.

A road sign.
Anna Van Dine / VPR

Katie Sullivan, who lives in Albany, Vt., is curious about a road name in a town just south of her, in Marshfield. “How did Star Pudding Farm Road get its name?" she asks. "Is there a Star Pudding farm?”

A map.
Atlas of Bennington County, Vermont 1869 by F.W. Beers, Courtesy Dorset Historical Society

Brave Little State takes on more of your questions about mysterious Green Mountain byways in our Second Annual Brief History of Vermont Road Names.

Images of Castleton University, the Community College of Vermont, and a diploma in the hands of a NVU-Lyndon student.
Wikimedia Commons / CCV, courtesy / NVU-Lyndon, courtesy

Live call-in discussion: Three private Vermont colleges closed this year, the result of profound changes affecting higher education across the country. The Vermont State College system and its roughly 11,000 students are not immune. We're talking about the challenges facing Vermont's state, community and technical colleges, and efforts to keep the schools financially and academically sustainable.

Ultrarunners compete in endurance races longer than a marathon, upwards of 50 to 100 miles. We're talking with Vermont's ultrarunners and endurance athletes.
sportpoint / iStock

A summer hike or a neighborhood run is enough of an outdoor fix for some. But for others, only a 30, 50 or even 100-mile race will do. We’re talking with Vermont ultrarunners about the joy – and pain – to be found in running hundreds of miles.

"Vermont Edition" lokks what how lawmakers are responding to two bills vetoed this month by Gov. Phil Scott.
Emily Alfin Johnson / VPR

The legislative session came to an official close on June 20, when Gov. Scott signed the last five bills waiting for him to act on. VPR's statehouse reporter Peter Hirschfeld joins Vermont Edition to discuss the governor's rationale behind the vetoes and what the next steps are from lawmakers. 

Col. Ann Brechbuhl sworn in by Commander Col. Jack Ozer.
Cpt. Bryan Holland, Public Affairs Officer for Vermont Wing CAP, courtesy

The new commander of Vermont’s Civil Air Patrol, Col. Ann Brechbühl, says she wants to get more young people interested in aviation. 

An image of bales of processed paper recycleables and an image of food being added to a compost pile.
Bas Emmen / Unsplash

Vermonters recycle about a third of their waste and composting efforts last year collected more food scraps than ever before. But a review of the state's recycling efforts found an 11% spike in how much Vermonters threw away. Recycling costs have also increased dramatically as the U.S. can no longer send many recyclables to China. We're talking about the realities — and economics — of recycling and composting.

photographs of the three murder victims
New Hampshire Attorney General's Office, courtesy

In 1985 and 2000, two barrels containing four bodies were found just outside of Bear Brook State Park in Allenstown, New Hampshire. In 2019, the identities of three of those victims were finally revealed. Vermont Edition spoke with Jason Moon, a reporter for New Hampshire Public Radio and host of the podcast Bear Brook, about the latest findings in the gruesome murders and the decades-long effort to identify the victims.

Transparent skull model of brain and blood vessels.
Jesse Orrico / Unsplash

Most scientists are not seeking glory or honors for the research they do. But when a prestigious award or nomination comes along, it is gratifying to know that your peers are paying attention. On April 30, Mark Nelson, the chair of the pharmacology department at UVM, was elected to the National Academy of Sciences. He spoke with Vermont Edition about his election and the research that got him there. 

Cyclists disembark from a bike ferry in South Hero, Vermont on a blue-sky day.
Wilson Ring / Associated Press

The sun's shining. The weather's warm. It's the perfect time for a bike ride or summer stroll. But as more drivers, cyclists and pedestrians take to our roads, sharing them becomes more of a challenge. We're talking about Vermont's "rules of the road," whether you're on four wheels, two wheels or on foot.

Illustration of woman in front of instruments
Spencer Imbrock / Unsplash

How do you focus your mind on the task at hand? For many, music is at least part of the answer. The right music can help you prepare for the day, concentrate on something you want to learn, or simply provide a pleasant background while at work. It can even be used as a form of therapy for kids and adults struggling to focus.