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UVM's 27th President, Suresh Garimella, photographed in front of a wall with ivy vines climbing behind it.
Elodie Reed / VPR

Suresh Garimella took over as the president of the University of Vermont in July. We're talking to him about what he sees as the biggest challenges facing Vermont's largest university, and for his perspective on the national trends in higher education — like shrinking enrollment, rising costs and struggles with affordability — that are plaguing schools of all sizes.

A winding Vermont road surrounded by vibrantly colored leaves.
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As prime leaf-peeping approaches, John Sinclair with the Green Mountain and Finger Lakes National Forest said weather patterns are setting us up for some beautiful color this autumn. 

The Canadian federal election is just weeks away, so "Vermont Edition" gets a look at how the makeup of Parliament in Ottawa could change.
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Seven weeks. That's the sum total of a Canadian federal election. And with just about a month to go until Canadians cast their votes, we'll get an idea of the top issues in this election and how multiple scandals involving Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau might affect the vote.

Vermont's first two F-35s arrived at Burlington International Airport last week. A total of 20 will be based here and all should be in place by next summer.
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On Thursday, two F-35 fighters landed at Burlington International Airport. Eighteen more will join them by next summer. And thus, the Vermont Air National Guard becomes the first Guard unit to house these jets. We'll take a look at the various aspects of the F-35s in Vermont.

Vermonters will be casting their votes in the presidential primaries in about six months. But Secretary of State Jim Condos is worried about potential cyberattacks to the state's election system.
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Vermonters will vote in the presidential primary in about six months, but is the state prepared to deal with cyberattacks during the 2020 election? Secretary of State Jim Condos is calling on Congress to allocate more to states to protect their voting systems. We'll discuss where Vermont stands as we prepare for the March primary.

Anais Mitchell accepts the Tony Award for Best Original Score for 'Hadestown' at this year's ceremony.
Charles Sykes / Invision/Associated Press

Singer-songwriter Anaïs Mitchell's career began in Vermont, but has led on a long and windy path around the world. Most recently, it’s landed her on Broadway, where her folk opera Hadestown won eight Tony Awards this year. As Mitchell prepares to go out on a solo tour (including sold-out performances in Vermont on Oct. 11 and 12), she told Vermont Edition about her musical journey.

A depiction of whalers plying their trade in the 1850s.
Courtesy of Smithsonian Libraries / Flickr

Later this week, Middlebury College is hosting a symposium focusing on the future of the world's oceans. One of the discussions features two Middlebury College students, Jennifer Crandall and Caitlin Dicara, who will be sharing some of what they learned in a semester spent focusing on both marine ecology and the history of whaling.

Vaporized smoking products are believed to have led to hundreds of cases of lung disease and several deaths. "Vermont Edition" learns what is known about the science of vaping products.
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Concerns about addiction to vaping products, especially among younger users, have raised great concerns within the medical community. But with recent deaths related to vaping and hundreds of suspected cases of lung disease, that concern is now widespread. Vermont Edition looks at what we now know about vaping.

This micrograph shows a strain of E. coli , one of the germs that can cause sepsis.
Janice Carr / CDC/Associated Press

Friday, Sept. 13 is World Sepsis Day. And while half of the world might be wondering why there's a World Sepsis Day, the other half is asking, "What is sepsis?" It's probably important to know that, globally, sepsis affects about 30 million people a year, killing between 6 and 9 million of them.

Assistant physics and astronomy professor Elisabeth Newton led a team of researchers in discovering the new exoplanet DS Tuc Ab. The planet's existence was confirmed during her first week teaching at Dartmouth earlier this year.
Eli Burakian / Dartmouth College, Courtesy

It wasn't a typical first week at work: meet your colleagues, get settled in, confirm the existence of a new planet about 900 trillion miles from earth. But for physics and astronomy professor Elisabeth Newton, that's exactly how she started her new job at Dartmouth College earlier this year.

Dr. James Ulager of Hinesburg is the author of the new book, "Beginning Seed Saving for the Home Gardener."
New Society Publishers, Courtesy

The nights are getting cooler and our Vermont summer is quickly coming to an end. So as you’re reaping the rich harvest of a plentiful vegetable garden right now, and preparing and canning for the long winter, it's also a great time to think about saving seeds. We'll learn how the home gardener can harvest seeds from their current crop of veggies.

Esther Munroe Swift's "Vermont Place-Names" remains the seminal book on the origins of the names of Vermont's cities, towns, villages and geographic locations.
Ric Cengeri / VPR

In the new episode of Brave Little State, author Paul Gillies said Vermont Place-Names by Esther Munroe Swift is a "go-to" resource for his research. And when Mitch Wertlieb hosted a series on Morning Edition a few years ago searching for the origins of Vermont town names, he and producer Melody Bodette relied heavily on Swift's well-loved and respected tome.

Clockwise from top left: Elixis Jiron's marbled pours on tile; Maxine Park plays piano in Norwich; Putney's Sandglass Theater mobiles; Katie Runde's Icarus wings; poet Rajnii Eddins; muralist Mary Lacy; Averill McDowell's "junk-art mural" project.
Elodie Reed / VPR

Art is a vital part of human culture. But when was the last time you actually engaged with art? What role does art play in our culture, our public discourse and in tackling the important issues affecting our communities, nations and planet? If your answers are fuzzy, you're not alone. We're talking about our rough relationship with contemporary art and how we engage with art today.

Hi-Lo Biddy Road in Putney is just one the roads that the "Brave Little State" team researched to find the origin of the name.
Michael Hudson, Courtesy

In its new episode, Brave Little State takes on more of your questions about mysterious Green Mountain byways in its Second Annual Brief History of Vermont Road Names. Vermont Edition hears what VPR's intrepid reporters found as they sought the origins of some of the state's spiciest-sounding road names.

"Vermont Edition" discusses what steps might be taken to cotrol rising health care costs in the state.
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With the recent approval of double-digit rate hikes for the state's two major health care insurers — Blue Cross/Blue Shield and MVP Health Care — by the Green Mountain Care Board, many in Vermont are concerned. We'll hear about what's driving these cost increases and some possible solutions for reigning in the rising cost of health care.

Lake Rescue in Ludlow is one of Vermont's more than 800 lakes and ponds.
Nobrauch / Wikimedia Commons

So much attention is focused on Lakes Champlain and Memphremagog - with good reason - that it's easy to forget that Vermont has more than 800 other lakes and ponds. Each with its own charms and challenges. Vermont Edition focuses on these oft-overlooked bodies of water in the state.

Heading into the Labor Day weekend, the Vermont State Police hope that everyone exhibits safe driving habits.
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There have been 20 traffic crash fatalities in Vermont so far this year. That's down from 41 at this point last year. While highway safety officials are hopeful that the number remains low this year, they have other important concerns about our driving habits. We'll talk about those on Vermont Edition.

Rule changes to the federal Title X program have prompted the state of Vermont to step in to continue funding some of the care provided by Planned Parenthood.
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The federal Title X family planning program provides reproductive health care to low-income and uninsured families. We'll hear about the state's recent decision to fill the $800,000 gap that now exists for Planned Parenthood funding after a recent policy change by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Hartford resident Makale Camara asked members of the selectboard to restrict all communication between local police and federal immigration authorities.
Peter Hirschfeld / VPR FILE

The town of Hartford has been grappling with its official stance on what it means to be a welcoming city. VPR reporter Peter Hirschfeld joined Vermont Edition to detail some of the events that have recently transpired in the Upper Valley related to protests around the country's immigration policies. 

Diocese of Burlington Bishop Christopher Coyne joins "Vermont Edition" to discuss the findings of a lay commission that reviewed files for allegations of child sexual abuse by a member of the clergy.
Patrick Semansky / Associated Press/File

As the clergy abuse scandal in the Catholic Church continues to unfold, Vermont has not been immune. Last fall, Bishop Christopher Coyne of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington created a committee of lay people to examine the files of Vermont priests for reports of child sexual abuse. We'll hear what they found.