Ric Cengeri

Vermont Edition Producer

Ric is a Vermont Edition producer. Prior to joining VPR in 2007, Ric was the morning show host at WNCS in Montpelier. Before that, he hosted the morning show at WOXY in Oxford, Ohio.

Interwoven with his radio experience, Ric has been a senior copy writer and account supervisor for McGuire & Associates, a Florida-based advertising agency. He has also taught media writing classes at Miami University.

An expert in polo and British soccer, Ric holds a B.S. from the University of Dayton and an M.S. from St. Thomas University.

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The Barge Canal on Pine Street in Burlington is one of 14 Superfund cleanup sites in Vermont.
Alden Pellett / Associated Press/File

They were everything from tanneries to landfills to copper mines. They are Vermont's 14 Superfund sites; locations that were so polluted they required a long-term cleanup plan of the hazardous material contaminations. We'll "visit" some of them at a time when the Environmental Protection Agency is doing five-year reviews of six of the sites.

Vermont's selection of grocery stores and their offerings are now coming in many shapes, sizes and colors.
Ric Cengeri / VPR FILE

The Vermont grocery store landscape has seen a lot of changes over the last few years. From new players entering the market, to new stores from some familiar stalwarts and new services to entice shoppers. We'll look at how and why the supermarket scene is changing in Vermont.

Rep. Peter Welch is a member of the House Oversight and Intelligence Committees, both of which heard testimony from President Donald Trump's former personal attorney, Michael Cohen.
Emam Mohammed / VPR FILE

Rep. Peter Welch is a member of both the House Oversight and Intelligence Committees And this week both committees questioned President Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen. Congressman Welch joins Vermont Edition to discuss what his committees learned in these hearings.

Blaz Pavlic of Slovenia jumps at Harris Hill in Brattleboro en route to the Men's Open title.
Steve McLaughlin / Courtesy Harris Hill Ski Jump

Vermont has produced its fair share of outstanding winter sports athletes. Vermont Edition shines the spotlight on those who have excelled at ski jumping as we look at how the sport has changed in Vermont.

For one week in October 2005, Thetford was home to Grace Paley and Cynthia Huntington. At the time they were the poets laureate for Vermont and New Hampshire, respectively.
Toby Talbot/AP / Ric Cengeri/VPR

If you lived in Thetford, Vermont in October 2005, you must have felt the special energy. Not everyone in town started speaking in iambic hexameter or in A-A-B-B rhyme schemes, but you had to feel the poetic force that was present. Because for about a week back, something happened in Thetford that has probably never happened in any other city or town anywhere, before or since: Thetford was home to two current state poets laureate.

Sen. Bernie Sanders, pictured here during the 2016 presidential campaign, faces a very different political landscape in 2020.
Christian K. Lee / Associated Press/File

Sen. Bernie Sanders has announced that he is making his second run for the presidency. We'll hear what some of the state's top political reporters are thinking about Bernie 2020.

As the Montreal Expos prepared for their first home game at Jarry Park on April 14, 1969, catcher John Bateman received the first pitch from Quebec Premier Jean-Jacques Bertrand.
Courtesy Archives de la Ville de Montreal / Flickr

The Montreal Expos started playing baseball at Jarry Park in 1969. They eventually moved to Olympic Stadium but it all came to an end after the 2004 season, when Major League Baseball moved the franchise to Washington, D.C.

Over the last several years, there has been a growing movement led by the Montreal Baseball Project to bring a team back to the city. Vermont Edition spoke with the group's president Warren Cromartie about the prospects of a team returning to Montreal.

Norwich University was founded in Norwich, Vermont. The school then spent a few years in Connecticut, but eventually settled for good in Northfield.
Courtesy Norwich University

Two hundred years ago, the American Literary, Scientific and Military Academy opened in Norwich, Vermont as the first all-private military college. Today, it's known as Norwich University and is located in Northfield. We'll learn about its storied history.

Anne Bemis of Burlington fondly remembers her 51 years of marriage to her late husband, Ed.
Ric Cengeri / VPR

Nothing says Valentine's Day like a wonderful love story. And Vermont Edition got to hear one from Burlington's Anne Bemis about how she met her late husband, Ed. It was a chance meeting that resulted in 51 mostly happy years of marriage.

Former Vermont Secretary of Agriculture, Food and Markets Roger Albee chronicles the national and local history around the founding of two dairy co-ops back in 1919. The co-ops are now celebrating their 100th anniversary.
Ric Cengeri / VPR file

Statistics surrounding Vermont's dairy industry over the last decade have been bleak: falling milk prices have shuttered many small dairy farms, which have dwindled from 27,000 farms a century ago to about 700 dairies today.

But there is some celebrating going on in 2019, as both the Cabot Creamery Cooperative and the St. Albans Cooperative Creamery mark their 100th anniversaries. Which made us wonder, what was going on in Vermont dairy back in 1919?

Author and psychologist Polly Young-Eisendrath sees love as a spiritual path bewteen equals.
Grandfailure / iStock

Love can be a mystery. It can be confounding. But still we pursue it. With gusto. So on the holiday devoted to love, we'll talk with psychologist and author Polly Young-Eisendrath about modern love, understanding how to communicate with your partner and creating a relationship of equals.

After the last Ice Age, the now-extinct heath hen were among the birds that populated Vermont.
American Museum of Natural History Library / Flickr

When we talk about birds on Vermont Edition, it's most often about what you're able to see outside right now. At your bird feeder, in your yard and in the forests. But birder and conservationist Maeve Kim took us on a trip back in time to "see" the ornithology of Vermont from the end of the last Ice Age forward.

Sue-Ellen Booher of Warren helps patients at UVM Medical Center, then swims marathons in her free time.
Ric Cengeri / VPR

Vermont Edition's ad-hoc series interviewing Interesting Vermonters has led us to a 106-year-old man from Townshend, the rose-sharing traditons of a Charlotte farmer and the maple syrup-swilling (unofficial) mayor of East Dover.

Now Warren's Sue-Ellen Booher is the latest Interesting Vermonter, a hematology nurse navigator at the Cancer Center at UVM Medical Center who's also a marathon swimmer.

Four bills being considered at the Statehouse have the reduction of plastic waste in their sights.
brunorbs / iStock

Four bills have been introduced in the Vermont Legislature that are trying to reduce the use and waste of plastics. These range from bills targeting plastic bottles, bags and straws, microplastics and buoys and docks. We'll discuss how to reduce plastic use and waste and the bills aimed at this goal.

Green Mountain College men's basketball team playing at the Eagle Dome court.
Ric Cengeri / VPR

The last home game in school history for Green Mountain College men’s basketball team was Saturday, Feb. 2, when the Eagles defeated Bryant-Stratton College-Buffalo, 81-53. The win brought Green Mountain’s record to 16-6 this year.

VPR’s Ric Cengeri attended the game and shared his observations on Mitch's Sports Report.

Being a foster parent can present incredible challenges, but also unimagined rewards. We hear from Vermont foster parents and an adult who went through the foster care system.
fizkes / iStock

In 2018 more than 700 children needed to be placed in foster homes in Vermont by the Department for Children and Families. The department says it needs foster parents in all communities for children of all ages. We'll hear from foster parents who share why they made the decision to help children in need.

Talk of changing the gubernatorial term of office from two to four years has surfaced again in Montpelier. We'll hear the pros and cons of making a change from former Vermont Governors Madeleine Kunin and Howard Dean.
Ric Cengeri / VPR

Back in 1870, Vermont made a bold move. It doubled the length of the gubernatorial term of office from one year to two. Is it time to double it again? And what would be the repercussions for the length of terms in the State House and Senate?

Cows and other animals or all sorts, and impressive farm equipment, are on display at the annual Vermont Farm Show.
Patti Daniels / VPR FILE

Since 1931—with a couple of exceptions—farmers have been getting together at this time of year for the Vermont Farm Show to socialize with other farmers and learn what's new in the agriculture world.

We'll be surrounded by hay bales and hay balers, horses and horse power when Vermont Edition broadcasts live from the annual Vermont Farm Show at the Champlain Valley Expo.

The Eye on the Sky team includes (from left) Steve Maleski, Mark Breen and Lawrence Hayes.
Courtesy Fairbanks Museum

It's hard to believe, but listeners have been transfixed by the Eye on the Sky weather forecasts on VPR for more than 37 years. It was December 1981 when the partnership between the station and the Fairbanks Museum and Planetarium began. Senior Meteorologist Mark Breen shares a behind-the-scenes look at the Eye on the Sky operation.

Paid family leave programs provide a percentage of salary and job protection for those taking time off to care for a newborn, a family member or loved one.
mikyso / iStock

Last year Governor Phil Scott vetoed a paid family leave bill. This year, Scott and New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu have unveiled a voluntary plan that would involve state employees from both states. The Legislature has also made the issue a priority for this term.