Ric Cengeri

Vermont Edition Producer

Ric is a Vermont Edition producer. Prior to joining VPR in 2007, Ric was the morning show host at WNCS in Montpelier. Before that, he hosted the morning show at WOXY in Oxford, Ohio.

Interwoven with his radio experience, Ric has been a senior copy writer and account supervisor for McGuire & Associates, a Florida-based advertising agency. He has also taught media writing classes at Miami University.

An expert in polo and British soccer, Ric holds a B.S. from the University of Dayton and an M.S. from St. Thomas University.

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Thurs 6/06/13 Noon & 7 pm   Vermont is one of the country’s most rural states to begin with. So think of those towns that are located a bit more remotely and that have little or no public transportation. How do people in those towns and villages have access to basic services if they don’t drive?

AP/U.S. Air Force, Samuel King Jr.

The U.S. Air Force released its revised draft of the F-35 Environmental Impact Statement on Friday. And opponents and proponents of basing the fighter jets in Vermont have now had several days to review it.

The report has been updated to use 2010 census figures for the area surrounding Burlington International Airport.

At over 1,100 pages, the updated Environmental Impact Statement that grades air bases vying to serve as facilities for the F-35 is not light reading.

AP/U.S. Air Force, Samuel King Jr.

Tues 6/04/13 Noon & 7 pm  The debate over whether the F-35 jet fighter should be based with the Vermont Air National Guard at the Burlington International Airport took a new turn when the Air Force released an updated Environmental Impact Statement. The new report includes census data from 2010 rather than 2000.

June 2, 2013 10:45am.  As Betty Botter discovered, a better butter makes a better batter.  And Vermont butters are considered the best by chefs and bakers here in the U.S. and abroad.  Melissa Pasanen talks with Ric Cengeri about the making of butter in Vermont and what makes it better.  You'll find a recipe for Butter Pecan Icebox Cookies below.

AP/NIAID, Agriculture Department

Tues 5/28/13 Noon & 7 pm  Scientists are learning more and more by the minute about the trillions of microbes that live in and on our bodies. These microogranisms play an incredibly important role in the digestive process and our ability to combat infectious diseases and allergies.

Dartmouth Microbiology and Immunology Professor Deb Hogan and Gary Mawe, UVM Professor of Neurobiology, give us a look through the microscope to educate us on the role these organisms play in our lives.

Governor Peter Shumlin says that the new law decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana should allow law enforcement to deal with a more pressing drug problem in Vermont.

“I would argue, that if you want to talk about the biggest threat to our downtowns, to our quality of life, to a low crime rate, which we’ve always enjoyed in this state, to our family members being destroyed by an epidemic, it’s opiates," said Shumlin. "It’s heroin. It’s Oxycontin. It’s all of the issues that are driving crime in this state.”

Governor Peter Shumlin says that the new law  decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana should allow law enforcement to deal with is a more pressing drug problem in Vermont.

“I would argue, that if you want to talk about the biggest threat to our downtowns, to our quality of life, to a low crime rate, which we’ve always enjoyed in this state, to our family members being destroyed by an epidemic, it’s opiates," Shumlin said. "It’s heroin. It’s Oxycontin. It’s all of the issues that are driving crime in this state.”

Emily McManamy/Free Press

May 26, 2013, 10:45am  In February, 2011, the barn at Pete's Greens in Craftsbury burned to the ground.  As is the Vermont way, customers and community came together to raise money for Pete Johnson to rebuild the farm.  In the meantime, however, Tropical Storm Irene hit and Johnson saw that he was not the only one in crisis.  He used the money to establish The Vermont Farm Fund to make loans to help farms recover - and - to give other farmers the opportunity to launch

AP/Toby Talbot

Wed 5/22/13 Noon & 7 pm  The number patients seeking treatment for heroin and prescription opiates in Vermont has risen significantly over the last few years. And the spin-off effects, like burglary, have also been in evidence in the state.

AP/Toby Talbot

Mon 5/20/13 Noon & 7 pm  After laying out his priorities in January, Governor Peter Shumlin saw some of his agenda items approved by the State Legislature and others given scant attention. We speak with Governor about how he assesses the just-completed session – where he thinks he succeeded and where he thinks he failed. And what he hopes to accomplish in the second year of the biennium.

Sally Pollak

Put a smorgasbord on the Williamsburg waterfront on the East River and you're in a food heaven called Smorgasburg. It's a Brooklyn, New York phenomena that brings food and people from around the world together every weekend.

Sally Pollak of the Burlington Free Press visited Smorgasburg with Eric Rozendaal of Rockville Market Farm in Starksboro. Sally talks about her experience - and how Eric and his team introduced maple lemonade to the Big Apple. Rozendaal also sells chocolate-beet and butternut squash doughnuts and gorditas.


Recent live musical performances on Vermont Edition have included soul, folk, alternative, R&B, Americana and alt-country. Now, the band, 3 Trees visits the VPR Performance Studio.

The group's song, That was Sameness With People, was recently nominated for the best 2013 World Beat Song by the Independent Music Awards.


Thurs 5/16/13 Noon & 7 pm   Video footage from surveillance cameras were helpful following the recent bombings at the Boston Marathon. Here in Vermont, images from a jewelry store camera helped solve the murder of Michelle Gardner-Quinn. Other cases have also been aided by footage collected from these cameras.

Daffodils at the State HOuse in Montpelier.
AP/Toby Talbot

Mon 5/13/13 Noon & 7 pm  Winter is officially done when you turn over that first shovelful of dirt. Spring is here and it’s time to get down to gardening. Horticulturist Charlie Nardozzi returns to help us get the spring season off to a productive start. Charlie will have advice on your flower beds, raised gardens, a pest-free lawn, and trees and shrubs.

Also on the program, VPR's Bob Kinzel provides an update on the Legislature as it tries to wrap up its current session.

Maddie McGarvey / Free Press

Sunday, May 12, 10:40am  Mary Anne Gucciardi was the den mother for UVM Athletes for more than 30  years.  Affectionately known as Mama Gucc (pronounced Gooch), her huge spaghetti suppers are legend.  On this Mother's Day edition of The VPR Cafe, Melissa Pasanen recounts the magic of Mama Gucc, and Italian 'motherliness'. 

AP/Haraz N. Ghanbari

Around the country, many beekeepers checking in on their hives after the winter found staggering losses. As many as 40 percent of commercial bee hives were lost this winter. In Vermont, though, losses have been closer to 10-15 percent bee die-off, which is in the range of normal.  In an interview with VPR's Vermont Edition, state apiculturist Steve Parise explains why.

One reason? Vermont bees have a greater diversity of crops to feed on than commercial bees in monoculture crops do, like the California almond industry:


Vermont officials say the state has received approval from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to start demolition of the state office complex in Waterbury. Some buildings had to be abandoned after was flooding by Tropical Storm Irene.  The Vermont Senate will resume debate this afternoon on proposal that would allow doctors to prescribe lethal medication to terminally ill patients who request it. Crews are planning to re-open a section of railroad track after three freight cars loaded with corn derailed and crashed into the Passumpsic River in Barnet.

AP/Toby Talbot

Mon 5/6/13 Noon & 7 pm  Falling into poverty can be swift and unforeseen. The pathway out can be long and fraught with societal and bureaucratic obstacles.

Photo by Candace Page

Rhubarb is Spring's zucchini.  It grows in abundance, is shared generously among neighbors, and can be used in a hundred ways.  This week, Candace Page raves about her favorite fruit.  Candy writes for the Savorevore Section of the Burlington Free Press and keeps copious amounts of rhubarb in her yard and freezer. 

AP/David Paul Morris

As you start planning a trip, there’s a good possibility that you’ll check out various travel sites to read feedback about hotels or resorts you are considering. When you’re looking for a restaurant, Yelp and Urbanspoon are places you may refer to for suggestions.

UVM Media/Communications Professor Rob Williams discusses the reliability of these reviews and how business owners effectively manage their online message on these sites and on social media.