3 Select Boards Have Approved Solar Arrays That Would Be The Largest In Vermont

Apr 4, 2016

The Brandon Select Board has voted to support the development of a 20-megawatt solar project in the town. The project is one of five solar arrays proposed by Ranger Solar.

The 20-megawatt arrays would be the largest built in Vermont. Adam Cohen, president of Ranger Solar, based in New York and Maine, said Brandon is the third select board to vote in favor of a large scale array.

“The town of Sheldon select board has unanimously supported our project, the town of Ludlow select board has unanimously supported our project as well. The three communities that we are moving forward in support our investment in our projects,” Cohen said.

Twenty-megawatt arrays have also been proposed in Randolph and Highgate. Cohen said the projects are large, each providing enough power for 5,000 homes, but they are well-sited.

“The Ludlow select board had a great comment that they’d prefer a centralized development near existing infrastructure rather than 40 projects that are small scattered across the town. The communities we’ve worked with have been receptive to centralized well-sited projects close to existing infrastructure,” Cohen said.  

In its resolution, the Brandon select board noted that the project is located away from major roadways, minimizing visual impacts.

Cohen said the company made changes to the Brandon project to address concerns raised at earlier select board meetings.

Ranger will soon send Brandon notice that they plan to file for a Certificate of Public Good from the Vermont Public Service Board. Similar notices have been sent to Highgate and Sheldon. Ranger has already submitted an application under the Section 248 process for the Ludlow array.

Ranger Solar hopes to get approval to begin construction there in the fall.