Addison County State's Attorney Recount To Begin November 26

Nov 15, 2018

Peter Bevere, an independent candidate for Addison County state’s attorney, has officially called for a recount of last week’s election results.

With 17,554 ballots counted, the Nov. 6 election showed a razor-thin, 10-vote victory for incumbent Addison County State's Attorney Dennis Wygmans, a Democrat.

Will Senning, the director of elections and campaign finance at the Vermont Secretary of State’s Office, said the recount will be overseen by Addison County Superior Court Clerk Kelly Munger and is scheduled to begin Monday, Nov. 26.

Vermont statute requires the recount to be conducted by a minimum of 12 court-approved volunteers, selected by the candidates.

Senning said it’s difficult to predict exactly how long the recount will take, “because there are variables in the process that can take more or less time.”

“The raw number of ballots doesn’t necessarily, like, drive it," continued Senning, "in that most of them are going to be processed by tabulator, for instance. And what often takes the most time is the administrative steps in between the actual processing of ballots in the tabulator.”

Senning said based on his experience, and barring any surprises, the Addison County state’s attorney recount should take between two and three days.

According to the Vermont Secretary of State's Office, there are two other races from the recent election — the state representative race in the Grand Isle-Chittenden district and the one for probate judge in Franklin County — that are also up for a recount.