Amid Heat Wave, Some Vermont Utilities Urge Customers To Conserve Energy

Jul 2, 2018

In addition to creating personal discomfort, this week's heat wave is having an effect on how local utility companies opperate.

When temperatures skyrocket, peak electricity consumption generally increases as people turn on fans, crank up the air conditioning, and take other measures to stay cool.

Utilities such as Burlington Electric are asking consumers to reduce electricity use during the hottest parts of the day by turning off unnecessary lights and delaying use of large appliances.

Green Mountain Power, however, is able to weather the increased demand thanks to its system of batteries that can kick in during peak hours.

"Think of it as like a living, breathing two-way system," said GMP's Kristin Carlson. "You can deploy them to hit all these different peaks."

The stored energy capacity is equivalent to the power used by about 5,000 homes, according to Carlson.

Thanks to its battery storage capacity, Carlson said GMP doesn't need to make special accommodations for the heat wave, at least as far as power supply is concerned.