Are Jellyfish Made of Jelly?

Oct 11, 2019

In this episode we're answering a few short questions about animals! Are jellyfish made of jelly and do they really not have hearts or brains? Do fish stink in the water or on land? Where do they sleep? Do chickens have tongues? Can spiders sleep? How many types of animals are there in the world? Do snakes live in Antarctica? Is a springbok faster than a grizzly bear? Do skunks have big tails or small tails?


"Are jellyfish made of jelly? Why do they have stingers?" -Karin, 6, Brooklyn, NY

Jellyfish are not made of jelly, well, not the kind you might eat on toast or in a sandwich. Jellyfish are actually 95 percent water! That's what allows them to float around in the water currents. The National Ocean Service says that jellyfish are made of three layers, an outer layer called an epidermis, a middle layer called the mesoglea that's made of a thick, elastic, jelly-like tissue, and an inner layer called a gastrodermis, where digestion happens.

Jellyfish that have stingers have them to paralyze their prey. So while you may want to touch them, it's not a good idea, because the stings are actually very painful.