Awesome Etiquette: Offering Financial Support For A Funeral

Feb 2, 2018

Offering financial assistance to a friend or family member after the death of a loved one is a tradition for some people. The reason for this is to help defray costs associated with the person's death. A listener - unfamiliar with this custom - asked how to do this if you're unable to attend a funeral and offer a contribution in person.

If including cash or a check in a sympathy card feels awkward, you can always call to offer condolences and ask if you can help by making a monetary donation. Maybe you'll find that a contribution for flowers or toward the funeral luncheon will make the most sense.

Some families prefer that, in lieu of flowers, money is sent to a charity or a college fund for those in need.  You're closeness to the family and knowing if there are financial burdens will help you decide what to do.

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