Awesome Etiquette: Open Discussions About Odors

Jun 15, 2017

This week's episode tackles a two-fold issue: a dog odor at a family member's house and declining an invitation to return to the less than aromatic abode.

A listener recently described an offensive scent at a sister's house due to an old dog, and how incredibly unpleasant it was to visit. But the dilemma goes beyond the stink. The bigger problem is deciding whether to say anything about it and how to refuse an invitation to come back because of the stench.

First, consider your relationship with the dog's owner. Since it's a family member, chances are you can probably have an open conversation; however, go easy and see what the reaction is. It's a delicate issue which requires a sensitive approach; similar to addressing a body odor problem. But the bottom line is, your sister's home is her space and it's her choice to live with it if she chooses.

If talking about it is not an option and you prefer not to return, simply decline future invitations without providing a reason. Then, after a few refusals, she might get the hint.

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