Being Brave, Asking Questions: Highlights From Three Years Of 'Brave Little State'

Aug 8, 2019

Listeners ask a lot of questions. And VPR's Brave Little State is there to find answers. 

"Vermont Edition" features some of the best from three years of VPR's "Brave Little State."

The show is VPR's people-powered journalism project: it takes your questions, let's you vote on which ones you want answered, and then works with the question-askers to find answers. 

Listeners are brought right into the editorial process, making the decision about what questions VPR reporters should investigate. Brave Little State is always available as a podcast, and each month's episode can also be heard on Vermont Edition. 

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This month, show host and creator Angela Evancie turned the latest episode into a look back at some of the highlights from questions asked over the last three years.

Questions like:

Listen to the full epsiode above to hear Brave Little State host and creator Angela Evancie look back at some of the different topics the show has tackled.

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