Between The Lines: Poetry Moments For Vermonters, By Vermonters

Mar 22, 2021

In collaboration with the Vermont Arts Council and Vermont Humanities, VPR is celebrating National Poetry Month with recordings of Vermont poets reading their own short, original works.

Note: this post will be updated with submissions throughout the month of April.

Alison Prine, To Bide

Allison Roark, Waking

Andrea Rogers, In the Morning Light

Anne Bower, Placebo Effect

Arlene Distler, Provincetown Light

  Aspen Clute, Dark Night

Aya Cheaito, Asylum Case 593

Barbara Morrison, Slinky

  Ben Nardin, Momentary

  Bill Toomey, untitled

  Bob Robbins, Circle of Confusion

  Bobbe Pennington, April 1st, 2021

  Bonnie Beck, Brother Bill

  Bruce Towne, 2 Spring Haikus

  Byron Breese, Rest Stop

  Caroline Tavelli-Abar, March 2nd

  Caroline Tavelli-Abar, Migration

  Charles Barasch, Curveball

  Cristina Kumka, Is It Lame

  Christine Madsen, Mad River

  Clifford Giffin, Business Day

  Dana Walrath, Conservation

Danny Dover, poem

Darren Higgins, ROUTE 17

  David Mook, Message Delivered

  Dede Cummings, Poem

  Diana Whitney, Wanting It

  Elisabeth Blair, Relative Importance

  Elisabeth Blair, Without Saying (excerpt)

Elizabeth Horstmann, Two Men, One City (excerpt)

Emily Hershberger, Raspberries

Erika Nichols-Frazer, Enough

Erin Pesut, The best thing is to get you both down to the sea

Gary Margolis, Consider Yourself

Henry Ellis, Young Cowboys

Holly Painter, Comfortable Grunge

Ira Powsner, For A Friend

Jason Imanuel, Pandemic Blues; TMI

JC Wayne, Diptych

Jean Beatson, Water Song

Jenny Land, Saturday in the Kingdom

James Lockridge, A Word Will Do

Jools Skeet, Dawn

Judith Janoo, Waking

Julie Cadwallader Staub, Mercy

Julie Cadwallader Staub, Remember

Karen Dillon, Blood marks all our doors

Kathleen Towne, 2 Love Haikus

Kathryn Eberly, Big Head

Kevin Stine, The Flicker

Kiev Rattee Green, In The After

Kristin D'Agostino, Migration

Laura Foley, poem

Libby Murray, The Woods

Libby VanBuskirk, Morning; On a Night Like This; Light Lake Night

Linda Reynolds, Before Needing to Mow

Lizzy Fox, Summer Refrain

Lucie McKee, Hardwood Fire

Lynda Kinsley, Parker Pie Poet

Malisa Garlieb, Lean Dough

Margaret Creed Barros, Crushed

Marian Wilmott, Song

Mark Creaven, Winter Thoughts

Mark Creaven, An Old Habit

Mary Danko, looping, for John

Mary Elder Jacobsen, Beekeeping

Mary Elder Jacobsen, Squirrel

Mary Ruefle, 30 March

Melinda Underwood, Periodic Table: The Element of Joy

Mel Martin, And On It Went; Derelict Phrases; Eddies in the Stream; Tip of the Pen; Unrung Bell

Michael Metivier, Moon

Michaela Stickney, Winter Reverie; Ephemeral Reflections; Ocean Blue Moon; Full Moon Swim

Mike Fleming, Sing!

Miles Sherts, Ashore Again; Coming To Our Senses

Myrna Miranda-O'Neill, I Say

Nadell Fishman, In the Aftermath

Nichael Cramer, Aubade; Perennial First Sign

Noreen Hennessy, Poem

P LeBon Herb, 4 Haikus

P LeBon Herb, The Spider

Paola Pena, Phoenix

Partridge Boswell, Aphasia (excerpt)

Patrick Standen, Questions and Answers in the Mountains

Paul Boffa, Poem

Pete Sutherland, GRIEF

Peter Money, Keyhole

Peter Money, River

Ralph Culver, A Koan of a Sort; Poem 1; Poem 2

Ray Huessy, Sonnet from the Valley

Reuben Jackson, 1975

Rich Holschuh, Wjedami

Rick Agran, What the Crows Taught Me; Crow Milk

Russell Willis, Handful of If

Samantha Kolber, Cradle the Mother

Samantha Smith, Exposure

Samn Stockwell, Laces

Sanarya Kareem

Sarah Brown, Little Did I Know

Saskia Gori-Montanelli, Ache As Kind

Scott Boyd, By The Lake

Scudder Parker, Purple Crocus

Shemar Singleton, Hard Place; Teach Them With Sticks

Sophie Wood, Between Us

Steve Minkin, Mud

Steven Yaskell, Sounds of Joy

Susan Jefts, Breathing

Sydney Lea, ScarletIndigo (excerpt)

Thea Calitri Martin, Leaf Popping

Tina Escaja, Mar y Virus (fragment)

Trish Alley, Wake Up Call

Trish Dougherty, Moo Haiku

Wendy Teller-Elsberg, Dazzlewood

In every broadcast hour on VPR there are a few minutes set aside for practical community information: from announcing our frequencies and underwriters, to emergency bulletins and notices of future content. This April, VPR will add a creative element to these short intervals as part of our participation in the 25th annual National Poetry Month, celebrating Vermont poets and their craft.

Your submission should:

  • Be of yourself reading your original work
  • Be no longer than 15-20 seconds (roughly 40-45 words, depending on how fast you read)
  • Include your name and town
  • Include the text of your poem

Submissions are welcome through April 20. Here's how to submit:

  • Use the voice memo function on your smartphone, or another method for voice recording.
  • Start the recording by saying your name and where you’re based.
  • Share your smartphone recording with us at
  • If you are unable to record, send us a note at and we may be able to help.

Please note: Not every submission will be aired. VPR reserves the right to edit submissions, and distribute across our platforms. In the spirit of public radio, you'll be offering your words for free to the public, and no compensation is available. You must use your real name to submit, and compositions must be original work.

Minors will also need to provide a statement of parental permission for broadcast and online representation.