Burlington Company's Sketchpads Help Blind Students With STEM Education

Dec 20, 2018

One barrier to entry for blind people into science and technology fields4 is the challenge they may face drawing, doing the drafting required for engineering, or even doing mathematics that require graphing. 

In 2011, with support from the National Federation of the Blind, a UVM student and two UVM engineering professors started a company that makes drawing tablets that create raised lines that blind people can touch. And - critically! - they also figured out a way to make an effective eraser.

Now, the Burlington company's products are used in schools across the country, and they are transitioning into also publishing curricula that can be used with the tablets.

The company is called E.A.S.Y., and Mike Coleman, the vice president and one of the three co-founders, joined Vermont Edition to talk about how it started and their future plans.

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