Burlington School District Makes Plans To Keep Sports Going Amid Teachers Strike

Sep 15, 2017

Burlington schools were closed Friday for the second day in a row due to a teachers strike, but the district is trying to make a plan to allow some extracurricular activities to continue during the strike.

In a press release last night, the district said it was working to figure out which athletic events at Burlington High School would be able to happen this weekend, as it's dependent on what non-teachers are available and certified to coach.

The Burlington School District said in the release that an updated schedule of sporting events being held this weekend will be finalized Friday.

“These are memorable experiences, especially for our BHS Seniors,” said Superintendent Yaw Obeng in the release. “We are excited that we are able to create this opportunity for our students- both to compete and cheer on our BHS Seahorses this weekend for Homecoming.”

In a separate release, Fran Brock — a history teacher at Burlington High School and president of the Burlington Education Association — said the union doesn’t object to the decision to keep athletic events going during the strike.

“The decision on whether to hold sporting events is entirely up to the superintendent. It is not up to the Burlington Education Association. That said, we do not object to this decision,” Brock said in the release.  “Although we will not be there, we wish our student athletes well this weekend.”