Cabot Asks State To Approve School Plan, Including Proposal For Boarding Students

Dec 22, 2017

School Directors in Cabot are asking the state to approve a plan that would keep the town’s high school open and market the school to out-of-state students.

School officials in Cabot considered various school district merger options to comply with Act 46. In June voters rejected a proposal to merge with Danville and Twinfield largely because it would require closing Cabot’s high school, which currently has 55 students.

Now Cabot has filed an Alternative Governance Structure proposal asking the state to allow it to operate an independent district for students in preschool through high school. Among the strategies outlined in the proposal is cooperation with a new nonprofit organization called "Advantage Cabot."

Advantage Cabot is described as “an independent enrichment and boarding program that will recruit primarily out-of-state students.” Those students would live with host families in Cabot and pay tuition to the Cabot School District.

The plan stresses Cabot’s commitment to project-based learning and flexible, personalized paths for high school students. It also states that Cabot is seeking reassignment into Washington Central, a larger supervisory union.