Climate Change Resolution Adopted In 35 Communities

Mar 7, 2018

At town meetings around Vermont, 35 communities adopted a renewable energy resolution that originated with the climate action group 350 Vermont.

The non-binding resolutions vary somewhat by town, but most call for a halt to any new or expanded fossil fuel infrastructure and to commit to reaching at least 90 percent renewable energy statewide.

In Calais, Ginny Sassaman said the United States has given up its role as a global leader to fight climate change. She said it is up to states and towns to make their voices heard.

"Vermont is really seen as a leader," Sassaman said, "and Vermont, of course, is made up of all of us, all of us towns. So it is important I think, at this juncture, it's very important for us to make a strong and bold statement."

The resolution, which states the transition to renewable energy should be "fair and equitable for all residents," passed on a strong voice vote in Calais. Organizers say support was unanimous in many places.

Update 11:30 a.m. This post was updated to include results from Shaftsbury.