College of St. Joseph Trustees Vote To Keep Rutland School Open

May 9, 2018

The College of St. Joseph, in Rutland, will not be closing its doors.

In April, the college announced it was considering folding due to financial troubles. But the board of trustees voted on Monday to keep the school open, outlining several strategies to increase revenue. 

Steps to improve the college’s financial outlook include maintaining enrollment at 235 full-time undergraduate students and expanding the school’s new Traumatology Institute.

"We’re accredited to both teach people who deal with people who are experiencing some traumatic event and we’re also qualified to help people who are experiencing a traumatic event, as a patient," said College of St. Joseph President Larry Jensen on Wednesday. "For instance, we have done some counseling work in Fair Haven, with the people who were affected by the threat of a mass shooting there."

The school also plans to bring in revenue by renting out a historic mansion as a wedding and event site, opening a daycare center and establishing an online bookstore, among other changes.

Jensen said the school has received offers of help from other colleges and members of Vermont's congressional delegation.

"I think we’re all excited about what the prospects are going forward," Jensen said. "There’s a lot of energy on the campus, a lot of excitement with people knowing what the future’s going to be."