Daily Drive Report: Pledge And Prosper

Sep 10, 2013

If you are a dedicated listener, then you know that we can get a little punchy during our membership drives.

Our team will do almost anything to encourage listeners to make pledges: we’ve done pushups, created lip-synch videos, danced the Harlem Shake, and we’ll soon be throwing an ice cream social for the town of Plainfield, which had the most-pledges-per-capita during our summer membership drive.

It’s hard to live up to this tradition of fun stunts. But we think we’ve come close with this one. You may not be surprised to find out that there are a few Trekkies among the VPR staff. They took it upon themselves to record a Star Trek-inspired recording to let our listeners know that the time to pledge is now (before it’s too late!).

We’d like to dedicate this audio skit to the more than 1,400 listeners who have pledged so far during this membership drive.

As of 3 p.m. on Tuesday, we’ve raised $115,330. But it’s time to set warp engines on maximum (or, if you prefer, to arm the pledge torpedoes!).

We’ve put our fate in your hands by committing to a shorter membership drive. But it’s imperative that we reach our overall goal by noon on Saturday. Yes, it’s a tall order. So we’re counting on you to save the day by making your best pledge now.

In case you don’t recognize the voices in this audio, they are: Mitch Wertlieb, Neal Charnoff, Tim Johnson, and Walter Parker. Unfortunately, they refused to pose for a picture dressed up in Star Trek uniforms...

But there’s always our next drive!