The 'Did It Work?' Henry Epp GIF Guide

Sep 8, 2019

While we hear a lot about new initiatives or funding when first announced, it's not always easy to figure out whether they lived up to their promises down the line — and if they were a good use of taxpayer or ratepayer money.

In VPR's Did It Work? series, we're following up on a sampling of publicly-funded initiatives in Vermont of the past several years.

Read the series here.

At the core of this series, of course, is a simple question: "Did it work?"

In order to answer that question to the fullest extent possible, it seemed only right to provide a visual aid of sorts. Enter Henry Epp.

Credit Daria Bishop / For VPR

Henry Epp is our All Things Considered host, the face of VPR on our weekly "News Minute" segments produced with Vermont PBS, and let's not forget, the mastermind behind this Did It Work? series.

He is also a very good (and, with some convincing, willing) GIF subject. So without further ado, let us introduce the Did It Work? Henry Epp GIF Guide.

(Wondering how to pronounce "GIF"?)

The "Did It Work" Henry Epp GIF guide.
Credit Elodie Reed / VPR

So, to reiterate. If you see these GIFs at the end of a Did It Work? story ...

Credit Elodie Reed / VPR

Party's over.
Credit Elodie Reed / VPR

... assume public dollars were not spent successfully.

And if you see these GIFs ...

Wait for it ...
Credit Elodie Reed / VPR

We don't know either.
Credit Elodie Reed / VPR

Credit Elodie Reed / VPR

... it's still unclear whether that money ultimately went to good use or not.

As for these final, Did It Work? Henry Epp GIFs ...

Credit Elodie Reed / VPR

Credit Elodie Reed / VPR

... well, let's just say it seems to have worked out.

Now head over to those Did It Work? stories and read to see what Henry Epp GIF you get.