Disclosures Show Scott Has Raised More Than $120,000 Toward Reelection Bid

Mar 16, 2018

Vermont Gov. Phil Scott, a first-term Republican, has raised more than $120,000 toward his reelection campaign, according to the first campaign finance disclosures since last July.

Scott, who only confirmed he's running for reelection Friday, also said his team has yet to formally begin fundraising. He is well outpacing the four other candidates who have registered for the 2018 race for governor.

Scott’s lone challenger in the Republican primary so far — Keith Stern — has raised $28,190, nearly $24,000 of which arrived in the form of contributions or loans from the candidate himself.

Though she began fundraising less than two weeks before the March 15 disclosure deadline, Democrat Christine Hallquist has managed to raise more than $40,000 toward her gubernatorial bid. That's twice the amount her primary opponent, James Ehlers, took in despite the fact that Ehlers has been in the race since last July.

Two of the three candidates running for the Democratic nomination for governor: James Ehlers, left and Christine Hallquist, right.
Credit courtesy, Brenda Patoine; courtesy, Christine for Vermont

Ethan Sonneborn, a 13 year old from Bristol who is also running for governor as a Democrat, reported $633 in contributions from 17 donors. Sonneborn had setup a GoFundMe page, (which is now no longer active) where he raised the majority of his contributions. 

Update 4:23 p.m. This post was updated to reflect Gov. Scott's confirmation that he will seek reelection this year.