Esther Munroe Swift: Still The Queen Of Vermont's Place Names

Sep 11, 2019

In the new episode of Brave Little State, author Paul Gillies said Vermont Place-Names by Esther Munroe Swift is a "go-to" resource for his research. And when Mitch Wertlieb hosted a series on Morning Edition a few years ago searching for the origins of Vermont town names, he and producer Melody Bodette relied heavily on Swift's well-loved and respected tome.

It was published in 1977 and Swift passed away in 2012. Still today Vermont Place-Names: Footprints of History remains the bible for this kind of information about Vermont places.

Stephanie Greene, an organizer of the Brattleboro Literary Festival, joined Vermont Edition to tell us more about the intrepid Esther Munroe Swift. She knew Swift, and it was Greene's parents who originally published Swift's book through their publishing house, Stephen Greene Press.

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