Excerpt From JOLTED, Update: One Year Later

Mar 14, 2019

February was the one-year anniversary of the averted school shooting in Fair Haven that VPR explored in its five-episode podcast JOLTED. A new episode is now available with updates about how things have changed since last year.

This episode delves into a number of follow-up questions, such as: How much are schools spending on things like security cameras, locking doors, as well as school resource officers and behavioral specialists? Have new gun laws made a difference? And where’s Jack Sawyer?

The update was reported by VPR’s Liam Elder-Connors and Nina Keck, and edited by Emily Corwin. 

JOLTED is a five-part podcast about a school shooting that didn’t happen, and the surprising things that did. Hear more at joltedpodcast.org.

Support for JOLTED comes from the VPR Innovation Fund.