'Girls, Girls, Girls': Artist Subverts Sexism By Celebrating Local Women

Jul 21, 2017

Emily Herr receives commissions to paint murals in her hometown of Richmond, Virginia. But it was one of her personal pieces, highlighting everyday women, that spawned a painting tour that will bring her to Burlington next week.

Herr shared her thoughts about what she calls the "Girls Girls Girls" Mural Tour with Vermont Edition.

She says her original "Girls" piece focused on images of women that were submitted by friends and people on Facebook. Now, as she moves from Richmond to Washington, DC, to Philadelphia and north to Burlington, she is soliciting images from the public of awesome everyday women.

"I'm trying to use my power for good," Herr says. "My work and experience let me paint what I want to paint. I want to say something worth saying. Which is that women are people, which shouldn't have to be said, but unfortunately, it's feeling like it does of late."

Herr is moving from town to town in her recently purchased step van that serves as her mobile studio. You'll see it coming, brightly painted with images of women, but also of other things that she has invited people to add when she has stopped to create another mural.

She arrives July 25th in Burlington to paint the wall of Battery Street Jeans, one of the first places to respond when Herr put out her "call for walls."

Herr's aim is to paint everyday rad women who don't usually get consideration for larger than life art displays. And she is looking for suggestions of Vermont women who fit this description. You can send yours along with a photo to Emily@herrsuite.com or visit her website.