Going Off Trail: Vermont's Backcountry Skiing And Riding

Dec 3, 2014

For some winter sports enthusiasts, groomed trails just don't cut it. They want to go backcountry. Back before ski lifts and resorts, that's the way adventurous Vermonters did it. Hiking mountains and skiing down through forests and glades.

We experience the thrill of the sport and hear how new opportunities are being created for backcountry skiers and riders, as well as a code of ethics from Brian Mohr, volunteer coordinator for the Vermont Backcountry Alliance, and Forest, Parks and Recreation Commissioner Michael Snyder.

Also on the program, early-rising space buffs are in for a treat.  On Thursday morning, the first test flight of NASA’s new spacecraft, Orion, will take place and St. Michael's College will be hosting a First Flight Viewing Party. We'll learn what Physics Professor John O'Meara has planned.

Broadcast live on Wed., Dec. 3, at noon; rebroadcast at 7 p.m.