How's Everybody Doing? Tell Brave Little State

Mar 20, 2020

Because everything is different right now, Brave Little State's work is going to be different, too. As Vermont responds to the COVID-19 pandemic, we want to hear from you.

Update: We are no longer accepting submissions. Listen to our episode here — and thanks to everyone who shared audio!

Our next episode, thanks to your input, is going to be something we’re calling “How’s Everybody Doing?" Whether you’re out helping people and doing essential work, or staying home to slow the spread of the coronavirus, we want to hear how it’s going for you. What are you seeing, and feeling, and doing differently — or the same? 

Brave Little State is VPR's people-powered journalism project.
Credit Aaron Shrewsbury

Between now and March 30, consider keeping an audio diary and sharing tidbits from your life. We may use your recordings in our forthcoming episode. Here's some guidance:

  • Use the voice memo function on your smartphone, or call our BLS hotline at 802-552-4880 to leave a short message.
  • Start each recording with your name, where you are, and the date.
  • Try to document your experience over time. How do you feel from day to day? What are you doing, and thinking about? Or, if you're doing work essential to the pandemic response, what is it like to be out in the world? Where are you finding solace and hope? What's surprising you?
  • Get creative: Record any sounds that characterize this moment for you, and tell us why.
  • If you only want to make one recording, that's OK too :)
  • Share your smartphone recordings with us at

This goes for artists, too. Musicians, poets, writers, visual artists: If you’re making work in response to this pandemic, we’d love to hear/see it. Share your files with us at

Finally: If there’s a specific type of person you’d like us to check in on and ask how they’re doing, let us know: 


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