For Incoming Vermont Attorney General, Protecting Immigrants Is 'A Priority'

Nov 16, 2016

Democrat T.J. Donovan, Vermont's incoming attorney general, says he's prepared to stand up to the federal government.

On Wednesday's Vermont Edition, Donovan said he's concerned about statements made by President-elect Donald Trump.

Donovan says he'll protect immigrants in Vermont in his new role as attorney general.

"It's something that is going to be a priority for me," Donovan says. "I'm already thinking and reaching out to folks about how we respond to this issue. But this is going to be a defining moment, not just for our state, but I think [for] our country. And we all have to be prepared."

Donovan says one area he wants to look at is the question of immigrants who are subject to deportation for minor criminal offenses.

"We are going to be catching a lot of folks who I don't think pose a public safety threat," he says.

Donovan will be the first new attorney general for Vermont in the last 20 years.

Listen above to the full Vermont Edition interview with Donovan.